Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Today is my 33rd b-day!  Woot!  My 30's have treated me well and I hope it continues.  :)

Today's food:

1 fruit bar -- 140
Coffee -- 0
Snack total -- 140
Early Preschool tour so I didn't have time to really eat.  

7.5oz. baked potato -- 200
1.5 tbsp. butter blend -- 40
1/2 serving mixed cheese -- 55
1 egg -- 70
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast total -- 365
YUM.  I can't help it.  Breakfast/lunch and so so so good!  I think I may have a minor potato obsession for a bit here.  And salad.  But I mixed in a breakfast element and had an egg instead of a salad.  Going to have salad later.  Tee hee!

1 serving hummus -- 80
1 serving pita chips -- 130
3/4 pear -- 65
Lunch total --  275
I was sooooo hungry.  I also had one serving of roasted peanuts, but I forgot to check cals.  I'm pretty sure it was 150 or 160.  But I was so hungry, I was light headed.  That's when I came home and had this food.  So the grand total was closer to 425

Chips and salsa
One Enchilada with carnitas
1/2c rice
Unsweet tea
A few bites of fried ice cream (mostly shell)
My birthday dinner was super yummy and I really enjoyed it!  I had what I wanted, but in moderation.  I chose unsweet tea instead of a margarita.  I had a handful of chips instead of nearly a whole basket.  I didn't eat rice like I was a starving freak and I saved some enchilada for later.  I didn't eat much ice cream because, well, it makes me gassy!  We were also going to go for fro yo after dinner, but I was comfy full and passed.  I'm still not all that hungry, so I'm not sure I will do much dessert.  I have NO idea what the cals were for this meal and frankly, I don't care!  B-day cals don't count, right?  LOL  I'm sure they were high.  ;)  My cals before dinner were 930.  I can sorta gauge the rice and guac and maybe even the chips, but just no idea on the enchilada.  But its ok -- it isn't about being perfect or making perfect choices, it's about making better choices and living it.  :)

BTW, I need to do a small rant.  I keep reading FB posts and blogs about making excuses and while I get that many people do, I also get that each person has their own way of dieting and fighting the obesity beast.  I'm sure a lot of people think that what I'm doing is an excuse.  But I gotta tell you folks, I'm 33.  I'm 33 and I've been fighting this beast probably 20yrs.  And over that time, I've discovered that the way I was fighting before wasn't winning me my war.  I would win a battle here and there, but not the war.  And for the first time in my life, doing this slow, feeling good, having fun and enjoying my life while I STILL get healthy is making me so much happier... so much more fulfilled... and now, finally, I feel like I'm winning my personal war.  Do I ALWAYS feel that way?  Heck no!  But now, right this minute, I feel good and know that by the end of this year, I will have lost a bit more.  It may not be a huge loss, but it will be what it is.  I choose not to stress over it.  I choose to spend my time being happy and not obsessing, and I choose to enjoy this ride.  If you feel the need to be all hard core, that's great if that works for you.  But for me, it does not and I am not going to feel guilty over not bending to what YOU think is the right way to lose weight.  Been there, done that, and all that jazz.  It does not make my journey less, it does not make it an excuse, and it does not mean that I've given up.  It means that I am LIVING, and while I'm doing my living, I'm making a conscious CHOICE to live better.  I may never be tiny, I may never be perfect, but that is OK, I love myself and where I am going and most of all, I feel GOOD.  I don't have to be hardcore to be happy with my losses and my progress.  Go on with your bad self if you do, but I don't.  It's not my path.  I'll take my meandering path while you charge straight ahead.  And that is just fine.  :)


  1. I don't think you make excuses. You've lost over thirty pounds (right?), and continue to make small changes for long term results. You don't cycle through crash diets and large weight losses then gains- which is what a lot of the "chargers" do. Most of them, I guess. Your approach is real- the way people eat naturally when they've been taught balance from birth. The people that I know who have never had weight issues don't sit around obsessing about calories and being hardcore.
    Your slow and steady progress is constant and inspiring.
    Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a nice one.


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