Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The morning after...

WOOT!  Still 186.5!  I feel like that means I did pretty well with my b-day food.  Now, I just gotta get back to working out.  I've not worked out since the end of last week and I'm feeling it!  Granted, I've done a lot of walking, but I miss my bike.  Time to get'er done!

4 mini powdered donuts -- 250
3 slices of bacon -- 120
Almost 4 oz. fresh raspberries -- 55
Breakfast Total -- 425
I'm good with that.  :)

Cosmic brownie -- 280
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total -- 280

Barilla pasta w/sauce -- 320
1 slice of toast -- 60
Water -- 0
Lunch total -- 380
Hmmm..... lots of carbs today.  Must do better tomorrow.  Probably shoulda skipped the brownie, but it just felt right.  Good thing is, no funky cravings after.  Niiiiiice!

3oz. pulled pork -- 210
1/2 tomato and onion bake -- 75
1 slice of toast -- 60
Dinner total -- 345

Today's Total -- 1430
I'm a bit low today.  I just am not feeling like dessert right at the moment.  I probably should eat something sorta small, but for now, this is it.  Probably some more water since I've only had one and a half glasses.  Which isn't great -- I think this is only a 20oz. glass.  AND... I didn't work out... again... I'm about to hit one week!  :O  That's not like me at all!  If I am going to get my bare minimum in this week, I really should get down there and do it now.  I could even take my Kindle down and read.  I sorta want to... ya know?  Just to get a bit in... Something is better than nothing.... And if I get one in today and tomorrow, then hopefully I could also get one in Saturday.  :)  Sunday would be nice, too, but that will count towards next week.  OK.  Going to quit messing around and get downstairs.  Might as well be as productive as I possibly can.  :)  Maybe it will help me sleep!  Off to the bike!

Woo!  Did 46mins. on the bike -- I lost track of time!  I was reading and well... the time just flew!  I took it easy since I haven't worked out in a few days, I have done a lot of walking, AND I did a lot of housework today.  But still.... Go me!  I am also going to have some 'tea and cookies'.  Total cals will now be 1640, and I'm good with that.  :)

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  1. Great job with tracking and working out. I hope you had a wonderful birthday :)


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