Monday, February 18, 2013

HRM Maybe?

So, I am making some serious considerations about buying an HRM (heart rate monitor).  I did some searching and found that by far, Polar is considered the end all be all of HRM's.  However, it is LITERALLY an HRM -- it does nothing else but do that and cals.  So, if you're looking for something to help you track or keep records, you may want to look at either a Garmin or a Timex.  The Garmin has a tracker and GPS and I believe you can even upload it to your computer.  But what I really want to know is literally what my heart rate is during working out and how many cals I am burning.  I don't feel like the bike's estimate or even my treadmill's estimate is accurate and even though my main goal is just to do some sort of formal exercise on top of just staying busy (since I am a fairly sedentary person, I feel), I would like to know.  I don't know why, maybe just to know?  LOL  I know that's weird, but it's true!  Anyways, back to my point.  For what I need and for what I am willing to pay, the Polar FT7 or FT4 are going to be what I do.  If you want more details and GPS and all that jazz, you would need to get something else.  And at around $100, I believe this works for my budget.  I just don't have it right this second.  I am trying to pay off a couple of bills and for now, that is more important to me.  Honestly, I had hoped to have more paid by now!  But some progress is better than NO progress.  I feel I am doing pretty good on my aspirations for this year.  :)

Ok, better get up and off of here.  I want to get a few things done around the house and then workout and finish my book to return.  Its going to be a fairly easy day here since I have been fairly decent about staying on top of housework.  Just gotta do a bit every day.  However, I didn't get ANY sewing or projects done the other day.  I got out the stuff and started looking at it and then started looking at the project in my bathroom so I got some measurements and whatnot for in there instead.  I think I'm ready to get that knocked out.  Just need the time!  I also need to update all of the calendars.  FUN.  Can't really make plans and all that if my calendar isn't even up to par.  LOL  OK, off I go!

3 slices of bacon -- 120
2 cinnamon rolls -- 300
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast total -- 420
Not to shabby!

6 cheese ravioli's with Johnny's garlic spread -- 435
Water -- 0
Lunch total -- 435

1 cupcake -- 225
coffee -- 0
Snack total -- 225

3oz.(a smidge over) pork chop -- 198
1.5oz. brussel sprouts -- 15
2.5oz broccoli -- 25
3oz. potato -- 79
Dinner total -- 317
NOM NOM.  I like leftovers!  And yes, I weighed it all to be sure.  LOL

Today's total so far --  1397
Woo!  Basically at 1400 where I should be.  :)  I always like that.  Not sure about dessert.  I bought some hot chocolate that was on clearance because I can't make my own as cheap as that was.  Less than 10 cents per serving.  Yeah, THAT cheap.  And at only 80 cals... yeah.  Good stuff!  And it is COLD here today so that is sounding so nom.

Hot cocoa -- 80
Cinnamon stix -- 130
Dessert total -- 210

 Today's Total --  1607
Happy with that!  :D

I also got in a good lower body workout on the bike.  :)  That was 3 workouts for this week!  YAY!  I know it's not 4, but my goal is 3 which means that I am getting it in there.  Last weeks dismal 2 sucked.  But at least I got 2 and not 0.  Know what I mean?  

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