Monday, February 18, 2013


Today's Food:

3 biscuits (small) -- 160
1 egg -- 80
Coffee -- 0
2oz blackberries -- 24
2oz. raspberries -- 29
gravy -- 120
Breakfast total -- 413
All I have to say is YUM!  I love gravy and but I don't think I even had the full serving!  It was just so good and so what I wanted this AM!  :D

1 slice pizza -- 263
1 apple -- 100
Tea -- 5
Lunch Total -- 368
Not sure how accurate this is.  I had one of those Digiorno pizzas and it was a 3 pack.  Somehow the main box got thrown away so all I could use was what was on Myfitnesspal.

1 cupcake -- 225
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total -- 225

2 slices pizza -- 525
Same here.  Not sure how accurate.  I seem to recall eating it before and it not being so high... I just found an old entry where 2 slices was 350?  UGH.  Now I have no clue!  ANNOYING.  I will just have to make sure to keep a box next time.  GRRR...

Today's Total -- 1531
I'm good with that!

Today has been a weird day.  My oldest has gotten sick with something, I found out a friend is going through some terrible stuff and I am praying for him.  And me, well, I'm ok but now worried that because our schedule looks SO FAB for this Spring/early Summer that the hubb's job will go and kill it by changing our schedule again!  GAH!  I know I know.  Let's not worry about that until we come to it.  It's just we had a great plan last year and BAM -- changed without notice or consent.  And it was BS.  And literally we had to cancel ALL of our plans for the entire Summer and Fall and we were only able to reschedule a handful of things.  SUCH A PAIN.

It's after 1AM so I really should bring this to an end now.  No dessert as I am tired but not hungry.  I'll probably be starving in the AM.  LOL  The last thing I am pondering at this time of night is to weigh or not to weigh sometime soon.  My cycle is almost over, but should I weigh or should I continue taking this time to focus on food and exercise?  I've done pretty well on food this last week and got in 3 workouts so it was a definite improvement over last week.  PLUS, I've drunk a lot of water and even remembered my vitamins a time or two.  Do I want to keep going in this good place or do I want to weigh?  I'm torn.  I've always believed in the value of weighing -- especially in the beginning of your journey to get an idea of the rhythm and patterns of your body.  But at this stage of the game I am starting to wonder if it is hindering me.  I was sorta afraid with not weighing this week that I would fall off of the wagon, but actually I've been pretty focused on doing the other good things for me like I mentioned above.  So, I'm really torn.  I know at some point I need to do it again to make sure I am being honest, but when?  A week?  Well, another week in my case?  Bi-monthly or monthly?  I'm not sure what to do here.  I mean, its only 10 more days to the end of the month... do I weigh then?  I am considering it.  But then I will be at or right past ovulation and my weight tends to go up and hold around that time.  UGH.  Maybe Mar. 1?  I just don't want to put it too far and somehow slip backwards.  I think I'm over thinking things this time.

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  1. haha your really funny :) I think you are overthinking this too x)
    But as for the weighting itself, I think you should do it weekly. Since, this way, just in case you mess up one week, you can realize this pretty soon and pick yourself up by next week. However, you can count your "official" weight at the end of the month to see if there is any overall improvement!

    But either, you seem really focus and dedicated on this healthy living track that either way, I'm sure you'll see a good result! :) Don't stress too much on this issue! ^^ haha


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