Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Fun day...

Had a nice easy day yesterday.  I never got the energy up to workout.  Heck, I never got the energy up to do ANYTHING.  I literally sat on the couch and read a book.  I haven't been doing that much lately, so it was good and I really enjoyed it.  We all need a lazy day!  But now what to do today?  UGH.  So much I could do.  Guess I will figure it out as I go.  :)

On a good note, weight this AM is 186.  YAY ME!  Not sure how long it will stick around (I tend to fluctuate daily) but we will see.  I guess this means I've been doing fairly well.  I do try to be as accurate with my food as possible, even if I am not always happy with the outcome.   It really helps me to figure out my food rotation.  Like a lot of people, I tend to eat the same things over and over and I'm realizing that by writing down my food, I'm really figuring out what works and what doesn't.  Like, Chinese food is tough but Japanese is doable.  At least for me.  And even froyo can be ok as long as you don't get a ton.  And since they have a scale... that really helps!  LOL  Anyways, it's giving me a chance to remember all of my fruits and veggies.  It's looking like when it comes down to it, many meats are about the same calorie density (only varying by fat) and most fruits and veggies are about the same.  Like raspberries are 59 cals for 4oz and green beans are about 40.  I know it's not exact, but for the most part many fruits and veggies are around 50 cals for 4oz.  Truthfully, that is making me want to eat more of them!  More 'bang for my buck' as they say.  Plus, as you all know, I love fruit and veg.  The real game changer is the carbs like breads and sauces.  They hold so many hidden things!  Just gotta stay on it and watch that more than anything.  Crazy how that works... I think I knew it before and it just never was a big neon sign saying hey!  Look!  Its one of those things you know but you don't know.  lol

 Today's Food:

1 pancake -- 105
1/2 tbsp. butter blend -- 25
3tbsps. ED Smith preserves -- 75
2 tbsp. cool whip -- 50
2 slices of bacon -- 80
coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total -- 335

1.5 - 2c. romaine -- 15
2tbsp. honey catalina -- 100
28g mixed cheese (on salad and potato) -- 110
9oz baked potato -- 237
1 tbsp. butter blend -- 50
Lunch Total -- 512
Pretty sure I was closer to 462 (I was closer to 1Tbsp. of the dressing than 2) but I really should've had less cheese.  I thought I would need the full serving, but really, half of it would've been plenty.  I really only ate it to give me a bit more protein/dairy.  But meh.  Next time I will use less and probably no larger than 8oz of potato.  That potato was soooo good...  But 9oz is pretty darn big.  I'll save those big ones for the hubby or for cooking when I plan on chopping them up.  TEE HEE!

1 strawberry pop tart -- 200
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total -- 200
Needed something quick and easy.  And I was craving something sweet but not a large amount of food.  I rarely eat these, but this fit the bill today.

1c green beans with butter -- 60
2oz pulled pork -- 140
1 slice dry toast -- 60
BBQ sauce --70
Dinner total --  330

Truebliss -- 150-200
2 slices of ham -- 50
Dessert total -- 250
May be slightly over this.  The strawberries are about 38 cals each and 150 for four.  I actually ate 5, but two of them were tiny.  So... I'd say my total was somewhere around 225, but I'm just not sure. So, gonna round up and say 250.

Today's total -- 1627
I feel good about it!  Only 27 over and well, I rounded up so I'm good!  :D  I really enjoyed breakfast and dinner today... heck, I really enjoyed lunch!  Snack was the only place I felt shortchanged.  I will have something better tomorrow hopefully.  Just glad I got in a snack and wasn't starving!  Now, off to bed with me as soon as I can read these blogs and get this kid to BED.  He is driving me CRAZY.  I've tried being firm, being sweet and snuggling, and now we are down to spanking and having to be mean.  *sigh*  I hate this.  Why does he have to fight everything SO HARD?  For crying out loud, it's 11:30 at night... GO TO SLEEP!  Did I mention he was up at 4:30 this morning and fought and fought until somewhere between 6:30 and 7 to go go sleep???  Yes, it was a LONG day.  LONG.

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  1. Sometimes I like to just sit and relax too. We all need days like that! :)

    Great job tracking.


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