Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The weekend was hectic but good!  I was pretty busy all weekend and food wasn't awesome.  But I'm ok with that.  All of it should slow down now, but I know these things come up and I will not beat myself up over it.  There are lots of days in the year to be good.  One or two not perfect days will not break me down.  Going to make this week good!  Even with my cycle coming.  Speaking of, Aunt Flo?  Are you there?  Where are you? I think she is wanting to sneak up on me.  LOL

I'm going to give this not weighing all the time thing a try and only weigh-in once a week. I'm thinking Friday's are probably the best weigh-in days for me since Friday nights tend to be when we go out.  And, it's a nice way to finish the week off.  I don't tend to have a bad food day if I have a bad weigh in, so I don't think it will cause me to have a big binge or anything.  I'm not really prone to binging in the first place.

Today's Food

2 slices of toast -- 120
1tbsp of butter -- 50
1 tsp. sugar -- 15
3 slices bacon --120
3 oz. strawberries -- 30
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast total -- 335

Lunch was at Costco.  I had half of a toasted turkey and provolone sandwich and part of a Caesar salad with the dressing on the side (no croutons).  No idea of cals... I may try to figure that out here in a bit.  I had 2 samples at Costco.  I had one Spinach Ravioli and 1/2 of a steamed dumpling (chicken).  I know the dumpling was 25 cals but I can't remember what the ravioli was.  But I DID buy the dumplings.  They were GOOD!  I think it'll be just what I need when I get those Asian food cravings and want to go out to eat.  LOL  At 250 cals for 5 of them, it's a good deal as they were a good size!  I think I could eat 6 of those and some steamed broccoli and be GOOD!  YUM!

Snack was 1 cara cara orange -- 65

1/2 baked potato (4.5oz) -- 110
1 tbsp. butter -- 50
2 tbsp. cheese -- 42
4 -6oz chicken (roasted) -- 280
1 serving foccacia bread -- 60
Dinner Total -- 542

2 Butterfinger bites -- 170

Having the numbers I have, I was at around 1,112 for the day and I'm thinking that I probably had 1000 cals at Costco.  I'd have never gotten the dad-gum sandwich if I had known it was that packed with cals.  The few numbers I could find suggested 820 and I had half.  Although, I'm not sure how that is because I've had that bread from the store before (they sell it in house) and I don't know how it could all add up to that.  Even the salad was around 670 and I didn't come close to having half and only had a couple of bites of the chicken ( I left it for my friend).  But, I'd rather say 1000 and be over than to be too far under.  So, I'll call it at 1000

Today's Total -- 2112.  UGH.


  1. Did the sandwich have mayo or any other spread? It really is no biggy what you ate. Even if you ate where you wanted/needed to for the rest of the week it would probably have very little effect on your weight loss. OR you could reassess your calories for the week and spread them out so equal your target weekly calories. :)

    1. For sure some sort of mayo spread, but no idea how much. I've actually had that bread and their turkey before and I know it had a couple of slices of tomatoes and onion, but I'm sure that the majority of the cals came from some sort of fatty spread! But meh, it is what it is. Not going to beat myself up.

      I don't do the whole weekly adjustment thing. I've tried before and it just never works for me. I'm going back to what works and go from there. What I have been really thinking of is getting an HRM. I have been looking at some new sites and their suggestions for cals and what my BMR is and I feel pretty spot on to lose about 1lb. a week. I just gotta get through these weeks where so much is going on! This happens every year at this time! LOL


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