Thursday, February 14, 2013

The big V-day

Valentine's is a pretty important day to me because, 14yrs. ago today, I met my hubby.  We got married one year and five days later on President's Day.  One of the BEST decisions of my life!  But this year, we celebrated the big V-day by making cards for my son's class with him (well, I did), I also made him a cute but simple bag to take for his stuff, I got to spend time with my parents today and they got the boys small Lego's for gifts instead of candy (thank goodness!).  Oldest got to play at the neighbors and they exchanged V-day gifts.  And then hubby came home and we all relaxed together and I made everyone cupcakes!  Which I did NOT eat except for one extraordinarily small bite just to make sure they were decent.  I let the kiddos decorate their own, but I decorated the 'rents and the hubby's.  Other than that one tiny bite (and I do mean tiny since I was paranoid), some icing and sugar was licked off, and that was it for me.  I'm going to wait and have mine tomorrow!  I made 18 cupcakes, so they have right at 225 cals per cupcake, WITH icing.  :)  I'm being a good girl!  Just because its V-day doesn't mean I'm going to get all crazy with the foodage. 

Today's Food:

3 slices of toast -- 180
3 tbsp. strawberry spread -- 120
1.5 tbsp. butter blend -- 75
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast total -- 375
I really don't use much butter.  I'm not sure why that is... maybe because what we get is a blend so it spreads well but has the strong flavor of butter.  YUM.  I noticed that it took me quite a while to get hungry today after the bread.  Not sure why...

Lunch was at Costco since I took my Mom.  I had two bites (or one nugget) of the spicey buffalo bites.  I had one cheese ravioli, a coffee with a smidge of cream (might I say, I LOVE when they have coffee samples!), I tried one pinch (literally) of a granola thing then let my kiddo have it.  I also tried a couple of sticks of baked sweet potato fries and a couple of baked 'potato veggie' chips, a couple of spoons (sporks!  UGH!) of tomato basil bisque, and then some french onion soup.  The only things I liked?  The ravioli and the french onion soup.  I'm glad the other stuff was small because it just wasn't my thing.  I only had the other have of the nugget because well... my kiddo was chewing on it and stuck it in my face and I ate it before I even thought!  The potato fries were ok (and all organic) but I prefer the chunkier ones I make myself.  I loved both soups, but the cals for a whole serving were 200 and there were 2 servings in a can which would be 400.  And when I want soup, I rarely stop at one tiny bowl.  The french onion soup, however, was a LARGE bowl for 220.  BUT, I didn't buy it because I buy the Campbells condensed and I'm already really stocked.  So, I didn't want to add anything to the horde.  LOL  When I came home, I had some of my Dad's chicken salad from Costco on their multi-grain crackers.  OMG.  SO GOOD!  And 7 crackers is only 65 calories!  Well, 15 crackers is 130 so whatever half of that is.  LOL 

1 pear -- 105
Snack was small.  I wasn't sure about the cals in the chicken salad, but I was guessing it was fairly high since hello, its probably made with mayo!  Which is why I didn't eat much.  Plus, been drinking water like crazy so I just wasn't starving.

Wendy's hamburger -- 250
Wendy's value fry -- 230
Jr. Frosty -- 200
Water -- 0
Dinner Total -- 680
I had dinner and dessert at the same time, so, I feel like I did pretty darn well!  We ate out because we were all in the mood for it.  But just because I wanted fast food didn't mean I didn't think about what I was having.  :)  I feel I made a pretty good choice.  Yay me!


  1. You met on Valentine's Day? How freaking adorable is that? I met my honey on September 11. Seriously. Can we swap days, maybe?

    1. Yup yup. We met on V-day of 1999. At a GAS STATION... while I was on a date... with another guy named *ahem* Michael (my hubby's name is Michael) AND, they drove similar cars. I was buying a coke and some gum while other date was waiting and my now hubby FINALLY worked up the nerve to ask me out. I agreed to go out later (I was on a lunch date) and we've been together since. Ironically, after we had been married only a little over a year, we moved on Sept. 11. Yes, THE Sept. 11th. We were on a military base and went on lock down. I will never forget either day. Did I mention we got married on President's Day of 2000? One year and 5 days from the day we met. I guess we're big into important dates even though none of it was planned! LOL


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