Thursday, February 14, 2013

Easy but Busy

Today's food:

4 slices of toast -- 240
2tbsps. butter blend -- 100
4 tbsps. strawberry -- 160
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total -- 500
Breakfast was higher than I meant to be.  I rounded up the strawberry stuff (its all natural no sugar added).  But when I first got up, all I could think to eat was toast.  After I was awake a couple of hours, all I still wanted was toast.  My period is sorta kicking my butt.  I am VERY tired, crampy, and yuck.  But still... going to make good choices and out of what I could've had, a hearty whole grain bread with some good fats and all natural fruit spread was probably the least damage I could do.  Plus, I loved it.  LOL

3oz. roasted chicken -- 140
4.5oz avocado -- 153
2 bites onion and tomato bake -- 25
Lunch Total -- 318
Yeah... so, I doubt I had 25 cals worth of the onion and tomato thing because it just didn't re-heat well.  So, I literally ate like 2 of the onions and one tomato.  Then the rest went in the garbage disposal!  I was, however, determined to watch my food more today and decided that I would weigh everything and I was happy to see that I had to have been WAY off on how much chicken I ate the other night.  I weighed out 3 oz and double checked it to be sure and it was way more than I thought.  Which means my cals were lower the other day than I thought.  YAY!  Glad I am not totally falling apart.  LOL

1 Cara Cara orange -- 65
Probably going to have another snack here in a bit.  I'm thinking yogurt.  It's on the brink of going bad and I hate to waste food.  I hated having to throw out that onion and tomato thing, but it was gross!
 Greek yogurt -- 80
8g puffed wheat -- 30
Snack Total -- 175

3oz. porkchop -- 185
4oz white rice -- 150
4 oz. broccoli -- 40
1/2 mushroom gravy -- 30
Dinner Total -- 405
Dinner = NOMS.  I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this gravy.  I don't plan on eating it a ton, but like I said before (which I think got deleted), at 15 cals per serving and only needs to have water added and be warmed, it is SO good.  Makes dinner feel fancy since we don't do many sauces.  I bought several different kinds -- not sure what to try next!  :D

4 Truebliss strawberries -- 150

Today's Total -- 1548
Yuppers.  Feel good about that.  Took the day pretty easy and got a few things done like picking up, dishes, and some laundry.  I also did some reading and etc.  :)

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