Thursday, April 11, 2013


Whew!  It's the end of the day and I am one pooped lady!  POOPED!  I feel like I need a nap, a glass of wine, another nap, and a couple of days at the SPA!  Could someone arrange that for me?  For realz... I need a vacay!  LOL

Anyways, I've had 2 days of good workouts, 2 days of intense yard work, and then a full day of shopping that included being on my feet and walking for HOURS.  Then today, I had a quick breakfast, a Costco run, home to drop it off and get kiddos, then load furniture and deliver it.  Then home to finish cleaning the garage to tuck my car away for fears of this storm.  I want to TRY to keep it protected better than my last.  So, here is yet ANOTHER day of crazy business.  How I've managed to somewhat stay on cals is beyond me.  Since my weigh-in on the 4th, I've only had the one day that was really high -- and that was yesterday.  I'm not sure how I've done it!  Habit maybe?  I did sneak on the scale to see how all of this had affected me today... I know I shouldn't have but I did and... I got a 183.5 AND my period.  WHAT?  Yeah.  Early.  UGH.  Like, way early.  Not sure why, either.  I think it may honestly be this Spring weather!  How nutty is that!!!  Anyways, I probably shouldn't have done it, but I did and there it is.  And now I don't know WHAT to think.  I think my body is all weird right now, THAT is what I think.   I am sore and swollen and now I have my period.  ???  Yeah.

On a good note, I went shopping yesterday and I think I must've tried on 500 clothes!  It was fun!  And my new shorts/capri's.... yeah, mostly 12's!  There were a couple of things in the 14's, but the rest were 12's!  I am so excited about that!  I am really hoping that once the bloat and soreness goes down, my weight will be around 176.  I know, I know... that is a lot to hope for.  That's like, 7lbs.  Either way, I'm not getting down because I'm slowly but surely moving closer to single digits.  I'm glad I was brave and tried on a few of the smaller sizes and that they fit!  Not across the board -- only in certain brands.  I hope in the next 10lbs. to be fully in 12's pretty much across the board.  Well, in the cuts for my shapes.  I think too many people go looking for one style but it isn't the right style for them and then they end up going up sizes to compensate so then it looks way worse.  I try really hard to work WITH my body.  I am sure I'm not 100%, but I try.  And if I really love the look of something, I will usually try it in a larger or smaller size and if it works, great.  If not, it goes back.  And I am not so conceited that it 'hurts' me to buy a bigger size.  I really don't care.  No one knows but me.  But everyone can SEE if the clothes don't fit because they don't look good!  I'd rather buy a bit bigger and look GOOD then buy too small and tight and look DUMB.  The only thing I've been weird on is maternity and Plus.  I wore maternity for quite a while after my youngest was born (I bought it that way on purpose), but once I was out of them, I swore not to wear it anymore.  And I won't.  Even if I find a cute dress that I 'could' wear that is maternity, I just won't.  It's something stuck in my head...  I also have a problem buying Plus now.  I found this ADORBS tank at one store and it was a plus size.  The way it was cut, you could EASILY wear a fitted tank underneath it and wear it as almost a tunic or dress over leggings.  But for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to buy it.  I wanted it, but something about it held me back.  Which is dumb.  I may very well go back and buy that bad puppy.  I really did love it and would wear it like I mentioned... I think the difference I need to accept is that maternity really is for pregnant women and for post-partum to heal and nurse but Plus is just bigger clothing.  And it is OK to buy bigger clothing.  Especially if you aren't using it as what it is traditionally labeled for.  Just like buying mens -- I don't wear it in a manly style, so it's all good.  Heh.  I feel better now!

Well, as much as I would love to sit on here and chat (cause I've not much over the last few days) I really should tie this up and get a quick shower and head on to bed.  It's getting late, and I need some rest.  I am expecting bad weather tomorrow so I am a bit worried about it.  I think that last real bad storm we had back in 2011 messed with me.  I want to be prepared and stuff now and I worry more.  Especially since I am worried my oldest won't be home from school before it gets bad and my hubby will be driving home from work.  I already told him to stay at work as late as he needed if it was bad.  I am hoping that by the time it works its way across, the worst of it has let up.  I also have a ton and a half of housework to catch up, taxes to do, bills to do.. etc. and so on.  So, another busy day.  And I think I'll try to get in a light workout, too.  I probably shouldn't count today as a workout... I think I'll cross that off.  But the last 3 days, I'm counting!  LOL

Today's Food:

1 Buttermilk spice muffin -- 598
3 strips bacon -- 120
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  718
UGH.  I don't remember the muffins having that many calories!  BRUTAL.  I see no snack in my future and a lighter lunch.  And lots and lots and lots of water!

1 c. Greek Yogurt -- 140
3.5oz. raspberries -- 52
14g. pecans -- 100
1tbsp. honey -- 60
Water -- 0
Lunch Total:  352
That should be good -- some fresh berries, good proteins and fat with a bit of sweetness.  YUM.  Hopefully that keeps me full for a few hours.  :)

1 chicken leg 1/2 breast --280
4 oz cucumbers -- 17
3.5oz. tomatoes -- 18
1tbsp. garlic dressing -- 55
2 slices of bread -- 120
1 tbsp. butter blend -- 50
Dinner Total:  540

3 Oreo's -- 210
Coffee -- 0

Today's Total:  1820

I'm good with that.  :)  I know it's high, but I'm ok with it.  I think I was just so starved when I got home that I overate a bit.  And then I forgot I had that extra bread and had 1 extra cookie.  DURR!  If I hadn't had the extra bread and cookie, I would've been at like 1665, I believe.  Heh.  Woulda been less butter, too!  But oh well.  When you mess up, you call it like it is and MOVE ON!  I need to restock my snack in my purse -- if I had that, I wouldn't have over-eaten at dinner.  Live and learn!  Off I go!

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  1. My period was early too, so it threw my weigh in for the month totally off. Damn ovaries!

    Oooh, I love trying on clothes. It's hard finding stuff that I like that fits well though. Plus sized clothing tends to be too boxy in the shoulders (Lane Bryant and Torrid) and too broad on me. My go to store is now closed forever, so I have to drive wayyy farther for variety now. Quelle nightmare. Here's to dropping twenty pounds and ending that dilemma.


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