Monday, April 8, 2013


Woo!  Got some sleep and did some shopping (online) and cleaned out a big chunk of my closet!  So... I'm a happy girl this AM.  Well, it's now afternoon and I'm just jumping on here to get today's food chart going.  LOL  Not going to stay on long -- it's a gorgeous day out and I am going to get outside and do some yard clearing!  YAY ME!  Maybe we can burn off some brush... THAT would be fantastic!!!! 

Today's Food:

2 blueberry pancakes -- 210
1/2 tbsp. butter blend -- 25
3 strips bacon -- 120
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  355
I think this is pretty accurate, but the mix stuff was off -- I like my homemade recipe MUCH better!

2 slices of toast -- 120
1tbsp. mayo -- 100
2 slices of ham -- 50
30g mustard pretzels -- 130
1 small apple -- 90
Vitamin water zero -- 0
Lunch Total:  490

1 serving skittles -- 160
water -- 0
Snack Total:  160

2 slices garden pizza -- 620
1/2 avocado -- 114
diet root beer -- 0
Dinner Total:   734

I'll be at 1739 after I finish the Skittles... I didn't want to eat them all at once, so I've just been grabbing a few at a time as I go by them.  I wanted to eat them, but with control and not just eating them out of the bag by the handful.  So yes, I actually DID measure them out!  HA!  Dinner was high, but man alive did we do a lot of yardwork.  I should've worn my Polar!  HA HA HA!  I have no doubt I burned well over 400 cals.  Soo... I don't really feel guilty about being over cals.  I suspect I will be high the next couple of days as we will be working on the yard.  :)

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  1. Ah Skittles - a woman after my own heart! I did yard work two days in a row and now I'm SUPER sore!


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