Friday, April 5, 2013

More more more

My kiddo is standing here stuffing Lego's into Easter eggs and saying, "More, more, more."  Over and over and over again.  It's sorta funny, but also sorta how I feel about life.  There's always more more more.  More to endure, more to enjoy, more to get done... more more more.  LOL  Life is funny.

Speaking of life... I got back on the scale this AM and it flashed between 181.5 and 182.  That means that while on vacay, stuck in a hotel with a sick kid, and travel time, I only gained about 2.5 to 3lbs.  Oh, I will SO take that!  SO SO SO!  I iz HAPPY!  Now, when to weigh again?  Today is the 4th... hmmm... lemme look at the calendar.  Maybe the 20th?  That should be after my cycle.  So, that should be pretty good.  Then again on maybe the 1st of May or May 4th?  I really wish I could get my printer to work so I would have a good calendar.  Grrr!  I like having my very own page to write and track on.  The family calendar already has crap on it and doesn't need to have that.  I seriously may run to the Dollar store in a bit and grab one.  lol

Today's Food:

1 everything bagel -- 250
1oz. cream cheese (the Neufchatel kind) -- 70
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  320
I know I should've had some fruit, but I wasn't feeling it.  Meh.  I also sprinkled garlic powder on top of the cream cheese.  NOM NOM!  Did I mention it was toasted?  YUM!

2 tortillas -- 240
1 chicken breast -- 140
4 tbsp. salsa -- 30
1/4c cheese -- 100
lettuce -- 7
tea -- 5
Lunch Total:  522

1 oreo -- 70
coffee -- 0
Snack Total:  70

1/2 serving Greek yogurt -- 70
1 serving great grains cranberry almond cereal -- 180
1/2 tbsp. honey -- 30
Dinner Total:  280

1/5 servings pretzels -- 195
1/2 diet root beer -- 0
Snack Total:  195

Today's Total:  1387

Today's activity:  I ran up and down the stairs a few times, 20mins of bike, and then Pilates and squats.  Good times.

I don't think I've even had half of my diet root beer.  I just don't love soda like I use to.  It just doesn't satisfy.  It was good with the pretzels, but it wasn't... great.  Does that make sense?  Anyways, it was something different for snack/dessert.  BUT, I think I should've had more fruits/veg.  Need more at breakfast so I think I will fix that tomorrow.  :)

Finally... FINALLY I think the house is quiet.  I was seriously within 2 minutes of spanking the daylights outta my youngest!  I was nice the first 3 times but I fussed royally and swatted his booty the last time I went in.  I try to be quiet, firm, and consistent but man alive he gets in his 'moods' and just fights and fights and fights.  UGH.  So now, I think I will go and try to get a shower.  Believe it or not, I worked out!  I burned over 300 cals!  GO ME!  I'm trying to decide if I should eat another snack or shower and hit the hay.  Probably shower and hit the hay.  It is LATE.  Off I go peeps!

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