Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back at it!

So, today is Wednesday, the 3rd of April and I am finally back home.  Our little trip was... well... sorta hell and sorta good.  The visiting was good and the kiddos were ok, but the sickies that hit and kept punching didn't help. As a result, we went to the Doc yesterday.  I told them something was going on with this constant illness and whatnot with my oldest (the only one sick).  And again, I heard the 'it's a virus and just needs to run it's course'.  So, once again we got NO answers.  I told them he is weak, having this constant pain, he acts over the top emotional, and he's not resting or eating.  They acted like I was a hypochondriac.  Uh, NO!  I am a Mom on the edge who is worried something more is wrong with her baby!  I'm about to have it out with this doc!  In the end, they didn't test for flu, strep, or anything.  They DID do urine and finally agreed to a fecal after I persisted.  AARGH!  THIS IS NOT HIS NORM!!!  I am trying all I can to keep him comfortable and get him well, but I am on edge with this!  I don't know how to fight something I have no way to know what it is.  I just want him to be healthy and happy.  I don't get why they can't see that since he was little, he has RARELY been to the doc and now this year, he's already been several times.  And it is the same symptoms over and over with no one else sick!  UGH.  I hope I get some answers and soon.  Otherwise, I am finding a new doc.  I think I will anyways.  I'm tired of the same ol' same ol'.  I know kids get sick.  Uh, hello?  I don't bring him in for every sniffle and fart turned sideways!  But this is getting to be NUTS.

Anyways, I didn't eat great while up there.  I tried, I did.  But it was hard since I was stuck in a hotel for about 2 days.  And then they wanted to eat out every meal which was not TOO bad since I could get salads and veggies.  I weighed tonight right before dinner and it said 183, so I'll take that!  At the end of the day, that isn't bad!  I may check again in the AM.  I also got in a good swim while there, but other than that, no workouts.  :/  No gym where we were, plus sick kiddo, plus long family days.  But it's ok -- it was only about 6 days so I am going to let it be.  But today, I am back on track.  We have made it to the store and I am going to be eating the best I can.  :)  As long as the days get better (less illness) then, I hope to get back in my workout groove, too.  I just hope to figure out this illness stuff and soon so my kiddo is back to 100%.  And if the weather keeps improving, I am hoping to start getting some things done around this house.  But first... I gotta clean.  Between it sitting here for a few days, us coming in and dumping stuff everywhere, and then going to the store... WOW is it in rough shape!  I plan on doing some good cleaning tomorrow.  I need to try to remember to wear that Polar!  Otherwise, it's an expensive paperweight!  LOL  I am honestly thinking of selling it.  It was neat to know what I was doing, but I'm not sure it was the right thing for me, ya know?

OK, going to have a little snack, relax, and hit the hay!  It's getting late!

Today's Food:

2 orange rolls -- 360
2 slices of bacon -- 80
1 egg -- 80
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  520

5 Deli Pops -- 50
2 servings Palmetto cheese -- 280
1 apple -- 80
water -- 0
Lunch Total:  410

1 orange roll -- 180
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total:  180

Total so far:  1110

1 terriyaki chicken breast -- 140
1/2 head artisan romaine head (3oz) --  14
banana peppers -- 0
2tbsp. honey mustard w/bacon -- 110
1/2c. mac-n-cheese -- 152.5
Dinner total:   416.5

6oz. strawberries -- 54
2 servings whipped cream -- 50
Dessert Total:  104

Today's Total:   1630.5

I'll take it!  ;)


  1. Oh I'm sorry to here about the baby being sick. Doctors are such dinks, they get paid the big bucks, but suck at their jobs.

    Glad everything else is good!

  2. What the hell? I know from reading your posts and your fb that the poor little guy keeps getting the same reoccurring illness. (mono? walking pneumonia maybe?) Shouldn't they be able to see that something is going on? Makes me sad that they aren't listening to you. Doctors just assume that everybody is a 'tard, and a hypochondriac just because some people are, and they flat out don't listen. Find a new provider. Sometimes it's tough checking out different places, but it'll be worth it to have a good person who actually cares about your family. Do some research on reoccurring illness in children- maybe you could get an idea on what it is, and then insist that they test? Sorry you have to go through so much bullshit. :( Hugs!


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