Sunday, April 21, 2013


I don't even know what to say... I'm just so... EXCITED.  I am so HAPPY!  Weight this AM was 178!  That means not only did I lose the couple of pounds I gained from our crazy trip, but I lost another pound to pound and a half, too!  WOOT!  Maybe I'm doing ok after all!  I feel super proud right now.  I know I'm not perfect, but even without perfection, I'm making progress.  :)  Good stuff.  Especially since on my last weigh-in on the 4th I was at almost 182!  Also, I did my measurements and I'm really happy with them!  My chest (under bust) is at 35.5".  My waist is 38" and my hips are at 44.5".  That is a BIG improvement.  I feel like now that I have these numbers, I am not so overwhelmed.  My progression is slow, but it is GOOD.  Happy happy happy!

The only thing confusing me is that from what I've read online, my sizing should be squarely in the 16's.  But I'm well out of those and 14's are getting darn loose and some 12's fit.  You know, I didn't check to see if that was UK or US sizing.  Cause the two are very different.  Hmmm... BRB.  UGH.  The info is really weird.  I guess there is no figuring it out online.  I'll just have to go by my own body and go from there.  Not going to stress on it either way.  LOL

Today's Food:

3 slices of toast -- 180
1tbsp. butter blend -- 50
25g. blackberry preserves -- 62.5
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  292.5

2 slices of pizza -- 555
Lunch Total:  555

1 banana -- 89
Lemon water -- 15
Snack Total:  104

Really digging the big bags of lemons at Costco!  I LOVE lemon water!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  All the info I get on lemons is mixed.  I've seen anywhere between 12 and 30 cals.  I don't eat the inside or anything, I only squeeze out the juice, dump the seeds, and put the skin in for extra flavoring.  So... I counted 15.  I didn't know what else to count!  LOL  But there it is.  I figure that's a good middle ground.  I guess some people may eat the whole thing, but I sure don't!

junior cheeseburger w/half bun -- 235
value fry -- 230
1 packet of ketchup -- 10
Dinner Total:   475
Not too bad for fast food!  :D  I finally gave in to the hubby and we had burgers.  But I think ones made from home will happen next time.  Especially since grilling weather is upon us.  YUM. 

1 serving LC Breyers ice cream -- 90
3 mini pb cups -- 132
Dessert Total:  222

Today's Total:  1648.5

See, you can still have what you want in moderation and be good.  :) 

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