Saturday, May 18, 2013



2.5 eggs -- 175
2 orange rolls -- 320
Coffee -- 495

2 slices spinach/goat cheese pizza -- 348
1/2 piece of pepperoni pizza -- 139
diet orange soda -- 0
Lunch Total:  487
I rounded way up here because I didn't want to underestimate.  

2 Butterfinger bars (mini's) -- 170
Water -- 0
Snack Total:  170

1 taco -- 170
1 enchilada --  310
rice and beans -- 150+120
chips and salsa -- 60
diet coke -- 0
Dinner Total:810
I have no idea of the total here so I'm going to try to guess as best I can.  I really didn't eat many chips and salsa... I did have a few bites of guac and a couple of my sons fries, though. 

Today's Total:  1962
Eeek!  Not good!  I can't seem to get my cals down!  MUST DO BETTER TOMORROW.  Yup.  No excuses, no slacking.  Gotta eat better!

WHY did I not eat many chips???  Oldest had to go potty as soon as we got settled in and ordered so I took him.  It was sorta late, so there weren't many people there.  You see, we stopped to eat on our way back from visiting with fam.  :)  Anyways, so we go to go to the bathroom and he says, "I think I need to take a big poop."  Ok.... so we go in and no joke, we were in there for what felt like FOREVER.  Guess what I did to pass the time???  I did my squats.  LOL  YUP!  I knew it was going to be a late evening and I had wanted to get them in so I thought, hey, no one is in here and he's busy and I'm bored so lets do this!  So, I did 75 sumo squats in the bathroom while he did his business.  I did the other 75 regular when we got home.  I also did the oblique things (can't think of the name... ) and some wall tricep pushups.  I need to get back in the habit of working out regular, but its not been happening as much as it should.  *sigh*  I hope this slump moves on soon.  No excuses -- just haven't been doing it.  Maybe after vacay I'll get my bounce back. 

Anyways, yesterday was a day spent doing laundry, cleaning, and getting ready for the trip.  I seriously think I underestimated the clothing my oldest has and I may need to go and buy him a couple more shirts before we go.  But I can do that Monday.  No bigs.  I just hope I can get the house in a bit better shape.  It's sorta rough at the moment with toys everywhere, dishes piled up, etc.  So, today it is all gloomy and rainy out so I will be spending it cleaning up some more, finishing up laundry, and hopefully visiting with a friend.  I also hope to work on a few projects that have been piling up.  I NEED to.  I got one done yesterday, but I really should try to tie up a few others today if possible.  I was super happy to repair my screen door AND get the dog guard thing put on it!  Hopefully that helps with bugs and the dog won't run through it... or the kiddos.  lol  So, that was one thing sitting in my dining room and garage that are now out of the way.  Even if I only get one thing done on that front today, I will be happy.  :)

Speaking of, I should get going.  This nasty house isn't going to clean itself!  Take care out there in blog land!

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