Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dreary Day

1 blueberry bagel -- 260
2tbsp. crunchy PB -- 190
Drizzle of honey -- 15
Coffee w/2 sweeteners -- 0
Breakfast Total:  465

1 slice of bread -- 80
1 slice of bologna -- 90
2/3c potato salad -- 270
28 cherries -- 145
water -- 0
 Lunch Total: 585
I totally messed up here.  I was thinking one serving of the potato salad was 170.  When I double checked today, it was 270.  :(  I went back and corrected yesterday's food to show the change.  It means that yesterday's total was higher by 50 and today's lunch was higher by 50.  And... I ate WAY too many cherries!  :O

1 cupcake -- 200
coffee w/sweetener -- 0
Snack Total:  200
I made cupcakes from a box and this was the last one and no one would eat it.  It was also one of the smaller ones.  I didn't even use 1tbsp. of icing (70) and then there were a total of 22 cupcakes so that was a bit less than 130 per cupcake.  :D

1 tomato (7.5oz) -- 38
1/2 avocado (2.75oz) -- 130

I've just had my 'salad' for dinner and I am already over where I should be.  *sigh*  It's my fault.  I should've eaten something else for breakfast and should've been better about lunch... or just skipped the snack!  But I didn't think -- I just wanted to finish cleaning the kitchen!  UGH.  I wanted to get rid of 'one more thing' sitting around.  UGH UGH UGH.   I still have around 200 left, but I'm not sure what to eat to fill me up but not put me over.  I know this is weird... but I may do an egg or something.  LOL  I should've had it with the tomatoes and avocado!  Oh well... I'll figure it out I guess.  I'll also check my fridge and see what needs to be eaten and could work.

1/4c. white steamed rice with soy sauce -- 60
6 grapes -- 20
4 slices of bacon -- 120
Dinner Total:  368

Arctic Zone -- 10
chocolate chips -- 35
multi-grain chips -- 140
38g. extra sharp cheese -- 150
Dessert Total:  334
I tried to just eat the ice cream and chocolate chips, but after a couple of bites it wasn't what I wanted.  And FYI, that stuff is GOOD!  So not sure why it wasn't cutting it tonight...  Anyways, I ate a couple of chips then wanted cheese.  Now I'm over.  But at least I only ate a small portion and I'm good.  :)

Today's Total:  1952

I am SUCKING on keeping it at 1600 it seems.  Not sure what is up with that.  But at least I am making an attempt to track.  And by doing that, I will be able to figure it out.  Immediately I see a lack of quality protein.  I'll get it back in gear eventually!  :)

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  1. Tracking is so important, at least you can see where you are messing up. Its that old accountability, when you see the food written down it makes you far more aware of how good/bad choice it is.


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