Saturday, July 27, 2013

Up and down

Meh.  I'm up and down on food, emotions, energy... all of it.  Nothing too extreme, but just... not sure what the word is.  Anyways, today has been pretty good on the food front.  I feel like I've been doing well.  I mean, tracking.  And then today cals don't seem too bad, either!  No, I'm not working out.  Not sure when I will but I really should get on it.  I really should.  lol

On the house front, I had determined to just clean these cool old bluish chairs in my LR that I got for free.  I just love them, but they are old, stained and well... yeah.  But then today I found a tutorial online about how to paint fabric successfully.  I'm thinking I will give it a try!  I want to restuff the cushions with fresh foam and maybe extend the legs by one or two inches by adding length blocks to the base.  And then I'm going to give them a good clean.  But if that doesn't help much, I'm going to try the painting!  I think it will be really cool way to update them without spending the nearly 500 each to have them recovered.  I just can't spend that much.  The guy who was going to do them said it could be closer to 300, but when all was said and done... just too expensive.  For that price, I could buy new.  And yes, I'm aware that new stuff wouldn't be made as well as the old in that range, but at the same time it would be new.  So...  yeah.  Not sure when I will get started on that, but I can't wait to see if I can make some improvement.  :)

Today's Food:

1 blueberry bagel -- 260
2tbsp. crunchy pb -- 190
drizzle of honey -- 15
coffee w/ 2 sweeteners -- 0
Breakfast Total:  465

Uhh... no idea of the totals here.  It was 1/4 fruit salad, 1/4 pasta salad, 1/4 tuna and chicken salad, and then 1/4 romaine salad with maybe a tbsp. of parm.  I had the dressing on the side but I didn't finish the tuna or the chicken.  And I had a diet coke.  So... not a clue of the totals.  Fruit salad maybe 100, romaine maybe 15, parm would be around 30, 1tbsp. ranch 70, and then zero for the diet coke.  Just no idea on the tuna and chicken.  We'll just call 400 and be done.  They weren't big scoops and all together, I probably only ate one scoop total.  And they had veggies in there, too!

1 torta roll -- 220
1 chicken burger -- 150
1tbsp. ketchup -- 15
diet coke -- 0
2oz. strawberries -- 20
1/3 c. potato salad -- 135
Dinner Total: 540
Yeah... 2 diet cokes in one day when I rarely drink soda at all.  Not sure why... I guess at the restaurant I didn't want a smoothie or nasty tap water, so I got a soda.  Then tonight I got one just cause it sounded good.  I didn't finish the one at lunch and I doubt I'll finish this one.

1/2c. lowfat yogurt -- 100
1 cup of prepped mango -- 180
Dessert Total:  280
This really wasn't worth it -- I didn't like the mango.  I normally LOVE mango, but this was a different kind AND it wasn't fresh, it was pre-made.  So... that will be going back to Costco.  And my bananas which were smashed.  And maybe some bras.  LOL  Anyways, won't be doing this again.  YUCK.

Today's Total:   1685

I'll take it!

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