Monday, July 15, 2013


I've had a lot of random thoughts running through my head over the last couple of weeks and I've been trying to get them all in order.  Along with my house.  LOL  My house has sort of been a mess over the last couple of months since we have been trying to clear out used things, donations, old food, rearranging pantries and cabinets, etc.  So, it seems to go that thoughts would fall in there, too.  But so far, I've not made much headway but to discover or maybe the better word is to acknowledge that I just can't feel everyone's issues.  I can't be in the middle of it.  And I most certainly cannot fix it.  I already knew all of this, I just needed to say it out loud again and break it down.  I've done that and I guess I feel a bit better because I'm moving along.  And I feel less stressed and like I'm making progress.  One thing that has helped is staying off of FB and flat out ignoring those people who like to strike up drama all the time.  I miss the 'companionship' of FB, but I realize now it is just too much drama for the most part.  I love to talk to my real friends and keep up with my fam, but the truth is that the people who post the most are the drama Momma's!  So, I'm only getting on there to play games sometimes, check in, and move on.  But I'm only getting on once in a while and not every day several times a day.  I've been going 2 or 3 or more days in between.  And it's been NICE!  I had gotten way too dependent on it.

The one thing that has become really really clear is that I do not do well writing down my food with pen and paper anymore.  I'm not sure why.  But I just don't seem to do it.  I tried over the last week+, but it just didn't get done.  Or I only wrote down the food but not the cals.  :/  So, I've decided to do that here.  While this blog is changing some, I realize that until I get to my goal, I need to track here.  There may be days where I don't talk about it as much, but it is still going on.  But for sure, I need to track here every day.  So until further notice, I will be posting my food, cals, thoughts, etc. at the bottom of the page.  It works better for me and I'm also glad to have figured that out.  I had really thought to go back to pen and paper, but it just doesn't work for me.  So back to here I go!

On another completely different note, we've been busy around the house!  VERY busy!  We finally finished the front of the tub and got it all grouted, the patio has been laid out and we've started the hole for our little pool.  The side flower bed has gotten some major work done and the outside of the house is starting to look fab!  Now if we could only get some painting done...  LOL  We also rescued two kittens, have been spending lots of time outside and just... staying busy.  I wish I could find enough words for it, but it just seems like there is so much and so little at the same time.  lol  I guess everyone knows what I mean!  Seems the same every Summer.  :)

I haven't had a chance to add in all of the actual food totals and some of them I will have to guesstimate based on compared food online.  But here's to really getting started and in the habit of tracking again!

Today's Food:

1 blueberry bagel --
2tbsp. natural pb --
drizzle of honey --
black coffee with 2 sweeteners -- 0
Breakfast Total:

Ken Shaw Beef --
1/2c. white steamed rice --
2 crab rangoon with sweet and sour sauce on the side --
water -- 0
Lunch Total:

3 mini Reese's PB cups --
1 Fiber one lemon bar -- 90
black coffee with 2 sweeteners -- 0
Snack Total:

20 cherries --
2 slices of pizza and one crust --
garlic butter --
diet orange soda -- 0
Dinner Total:

1/2 bag popcorn --
2 hot cocoa packs -- 160
Dessert Total:

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