Sunday, August 4, 2013

Some good... some bad...

So, I've been off for a bit.  Went on a small family vacay to the Dwood with just the four of us.  It was a GREAT little break!  We had a fab time, but it was somewhat difficult to eat healthy at a theme park.  But... we did try!  After some searching we found a couple of places that served healthier options.  One was pizza, breadsticks and salad.  They have a new policy where everywhere gives free ice waters so that is what our beverage of choice was.  Then we found a BBQ place that not only had great BBQ, but they also had large fruit cups!  And they were good!  I just wish there had been a few more options and I said so on the survey they sent.  It would be awesome if there were a few more food options like carrots and ranch, whole apples, etc.  Anyways, I tried but it was hard there.  On the upside, we did a ton of walking and some swimming.  We probably would've done more swimming, but after the park all day, we were worn out!

Once we got home, I got back to eating my smaller meals and did ok.  Even having Chinese food, I tried not to overeat.  I did great until yesterday when I know for a fact I overate.  I had just been SO hungry all day.  I think part is from all the work and part was from being tired.  The last part was from a heavy cycle.  It has been HELL this month.  So heavy, exhausting, and just flat out uncomfortable.  I hope it gets better and soon.  Especially since TODAY is suppose to be the first day of my challenge!  Yes yes yes... I have put myself to the challenge.  In my online support group, we had done several challenges.  One was arms, one was legs, one was abs... I only got so far in each before something came up and I didn't finish or it got to a point I couldn't go any further because, well, to be honest I'm somewhat out of shape!  Ok, not somewhat.  I AM OUT OF SHAPE! The only part I really rocked on was the legs; aka, the squat challenge.  I got REALLY far (day 21, I think).  I then went on vacay and did a coupld of days there, but we were so busy I just didn't finish.  I also did darn well on the 1st abs; aka, planks.  I got to almost a minute the first time so I was proud of myself for that.  :)  So, I have decided to make a workout plan that combined all of those challenges.  Together, it's a pretty darn good full body workout.  I want to do that and some cardio.  But instead of running through the full 30 day schedule, I am going to do one week at a time until I master that week and then I will move up.  I think that weeks 1 and 2 are going to be fine, but weeks 3 and 4 could really be a challenge.  After I've finished the full 30 days, I may start over and run it all in order.  Then I'll go from there on what to do or change.  I'm hoping to finish it all in 3 months, but it may be closer to 4.  Which is fine either way because it would get me through the end of the year.  LOL

Food is going to remain the same.  I am thinking I am ready to put protein shakes back in, though.  I need more protein and greens.  And truthfully, protein shakes are an easy way for me to do that.  I made a fantastic one yesterday but I think I was just so hot and tired I gulped it down and it seemed to have no effect.  I didn't use any protein powder, but I plan on ordering some soon.  But I won't be using a lot of it since now that I have moved to Greek yogurt and almond milk they already have a good amount of protein in them.  And on rest days, I may not add any.  I will just have to see how it goes, I guess.  But other than that, I plan on staying at the same amount of calories.  I don't want to make too  many changes at once.  I want to play this out for now and see how it goes.

I guess that is really all for now.  Not much else to talk about that is mine to talk about.  There are always things going on, but it's not mine to discuss.  So... I guess I will dawdle on out of here and get to gettin'.  I need to get oldest up and out for his play date, I want to get outside and get a couple of things done if I can scratch up the energy, AND I have my first workout later today.  :)  And did I mention that we are working on re-arranging the play room/workout room to make it more easily accessible?  Oh yeah!  Slowly but surely!  I still have a couple of changes, but its already greatly improved and I can already get to my bike and treadmill MUCH easier!  Hurrah!  :D

I'm really feeling crappy today and don't want to do anything.  :(  I hate this feeling.  So far, all I have done is get dressed, take oldest for a play date, and go through one pile of clothes to purchase.  Other than that, nada.  Not sure what is up with me....

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