Monday, August 5, 2013


Sooo... I didn't do a ton today but I did do a few things and now I am about to head in to bed.  My goal is to be in bed earlier each night.  I was back to about 1, but now it's about 10 til 2.  Eek!  But not too bad since I had a couple of really bad nights before and last night was like nearly 3.  So.  Goal tonight is 2 and I think I will make it since not much left to do to get there except get there.

On a good note, I WORKED OUT.  Here's what I did...

5 knee push ups
5 dips
10 bicep curls
10s punch
10 side to sides
10s plank
10 dead bugs
5 crunches
25 regular squats
25 sumo squats
12 calf raises

I modified the sit ups to the side to sides -- I just CANNOT do sit-ups.  They KILL my lower back.  But I can rock crunches and dead bugs... and the side to sides.  :)  The other stuff I did ok on but push ups.  I have no arm strength!  So, going to do the girly push ups and possibly up the crunches since I can do way more than 5!  Oh, and yeah I need to do cardio, too.  :)

I guess that is all for now.  Just... I guess I just wanted to note I got to it!  It has taken me long enough.  LOL  Yeah yeah.... vacation killed me but I WILL do it!  Ok, need to go and get hopped into bed.  G'night!

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