Monday, August 12, 2013


Well.... I started my challenge and then quickly realized.... I am sorely out of shape.  :/  No, really.  I'm out of shape and I was so sore I could hardly move.  So, I only made it through like, day 5.  Then I took a couple of days off and now I am going to restart, but in a way that is much more along the lines of what I can do and continue to work towards.  What killed me?  The arm work.  I couldn't come close to doing the push-ups and the stomach work was making me SO sore.  And not in that good way.  But in a 'I can't move and I want to die' way.  I know some people enjoy that, but I am NOT one of them.  So, I think what I will do is try to do each day for a few days and then work up to the next.  I still plan on doing it and still plan on going along for the next few months.  I mean, no other way to get better than by doing it, right? 

Food is still horrid.  I have to get back to some sort of plan and I am just failing miserably right now and I do NOT know why.  :/  But I know I'm frustrated with myself.  WHY?  URGH.  I know I just need to do it.  Just like the exercise.  But why it has become such an issue, I don't know.  Food was the one thing I had down PAT.  Where has my resolve gone?  Out the window.  *sigh* 

Back to the positives.  The downstairs is now full re-arranged and I am ready to start cardio.  Even though this week didn't go as well as I had hoped for, I still made SOME progress and I plan to keep on keeping on.  If for not other reason than I FEEL better when I work out.  And considering that before long it will be not only be rainy but COLD, I feel like the best course of action is to get started.  Now.  And it should be a much better go now that the downstairs has been moved around.  Kinda wish we had done this sooner... it just FEELS so much better down there now.  Like somewhere you would want to go and hang.  :)  So, it's good for many reasons.  It's nice to have a part of the house that is more usable. 

I know I have a ton on my mind, but I'm not sure what to do with all of it.  Part of me wants to read but another part of me just wants to get on with it.  Do any of you out there ever feel that way?  Like you want to ramble and talk and get it all out but it is all jumbled up in your head?  The important with the mundane?  That's how my head has felt lately.  Like a big scrambler going on in there.  Not a super pleasant feeling, to be sure.  So, with that, I guess I will go.  If I can't sleep and decide I need to ramble, I guess I will be back. 

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