Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Just thought I would do a somewhat quickie blog today.  Mostly because I've only got a few minutes to do this and then it's off to the Chiro, a return, and then a couple of errands.  :)  One of which is the Post Office.  YUCK. 

Anyways, I guess I did my one week weigh-in today (one week from my last?) and it was the same as yesterday.  lol  I thought it would be.  :)  But curiosity got me to check again.  I'll check again on Friday right before we head out, but I don't expect to see much then.  I'm not sure when I will weigh again after that because I'm afraid there will be some gain over the weekend. 

I don't have much to talk about today, so sorry for the very brief update!  Hope you all are doing great.  :)


  1. Hey my friend! Thanks for those comforting words I appreciate it. And I will try not to have a mental breakdown or bite my nails all the way to the base haha. I'm getting back to the diet wagon. I actually miss this. I've neglected my health long enough. Are you still doing the calorie counting? Inspire me woman! I need to get jiggy with it :)

  2. hey :) I'm glad your still keeping up with it! Your really following through with this MFP. Be patience, the result will come soon~~ :)

  3. Why do you not like the post office? Ours isn't so bad, except there are these terrible images painted on the wall near the ceiling that were done ages ago. Ug. Lord, are they awful. I will take pictures of them just to show you. I need to go to the post office this week anyway.

    1. I have always hated going here because there use to be lines around the corner every single time and they never had but one or two people working. However, I have to say this is 2 times in a row I've gone and been in and out rather quickly! Hopefully this is a new trend. :)


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