Friday, September 6, 2013


Yup.  Got up and did my weigh-in this AM and I am down 1.5lbs. from Sunday, but like 4.5 from Aug. 27.  Craziness.  I know some was water from my cycle but I am confident the 182.5 was legit and the current 181 is, too.  So right now, feeling good about what I am doing.  I don't think it's the MFP site or any of that, I think it's just getting back into some sort of routine with both food AND exercise.  And right now, I'm sure working on that.

That first paragraph was from like yesterday or the day before.  But the last two days have been a whirlwind and tons have been going on.  First, after dealing with back pain for ages and ages, I decided to suck it up and go to see the Chiro.  I had a headache for DAYS and knew I couldn't go on.  And if the Chiro couldn't help, I was seriously considering the ER if the MP couldn't help me.  I was just... miserable.  And you just can't function or even work out normally like that.  You just can't.  I knew if anyone would understand, it would be Drazil.  Thanks so much for understanding! 

Anyways, went to the Chiro and got crazy news.  I have Scoliosis.  Pretty crazy, huh?  He said there is no way to know how long I've had it if no x-rays have ever been done because it CAN be missed it children.  And with this, it can be hereditary or trauma induced.  I was in shock.  I've had a lot of pain and even difficult periods and deliveries, but it never occurred to me that something was wrong with my hips and back.  Seriously, my back looked like a double 'S' on the screen!  And I know it was my x-rays because I had to open my mouth for them and well... I could see my fillings and 3 fake teeth!  I could also see that my hips were lop sided.  He said off by nearly AN INCH.  Yup.  Not good.  So, I started treatment.  Because my back and the nerves were inflamed from the constant imbalance.  This is a different sort of chiro that focuses on treating and repairing the dura under the skin, so there is not a lot of traditional popping and cracking.  Instead they work at an angle to the spin and use an 'integrator' to stimulate the dura to repair.  It's a long explanation, but it made sense to me and I decided to go for it.  Yesterday during my treatment, I had some immediate relief.  And immediate tears.  The whole darn thing was emotional!  And I had no control over it.  But then I came home and was wiped out.  I went to bed at 10 frickin' 30!  I slept until 11:30 today!  :O  How nutty is that?  How UNREAL???  I haven't slept like that in I don't know when.  It was sorta amazing.  I'm still tired today, but it's not overwhelming.  I had another adjustment this afternoon, and thankfully my lower back pain let up some.  But now my knees and things hurt.  It's much like when you begin working out... that type of soreness.  I would assume it is from where my body has been carrying one way and is now having to straighten it back out so they are sore from the new movement.  You know?

I have signed on for 3 full months of intensive therapy.  I am hoping I can go as many times as possible between now and then.  They said I could come as many times as I wanted in a week because I'm on a care plan.  I know they do a monthly, but it made more sense for me to sign up for 3 months since I know that is the minimum I need and want.  I hope that I have great improvement over that time and can move on to physical therapy and continued adjustments.  But, I may need more time.  I will re-evaluate then.  But for now, I am hopeful that this will help and continue me on my road to better health.  I want to feel better and be able to work out like normal and not feel so fatigued all of the time!  Here's to hoping this really helps.

On a bad note, I ate terrible yesterday.  I tracked it all on MFP, but I feel like an ass.  Today's wasn't 'great', but I was only about 100 over.  And I can take that.  I'm hoping to feel pretty good in the AM and be able to get in a good half hour to hour workout which would help to balance out those overages.  I would've worked out today, but I was already sore from the adjusting and all of the walking.  We had decided to go and try to do some shopping so I at least did that.  :) 

On a good note, we FINALLY got our Vitamix!  I am SO excited!  I went ahead and tried out the lactose and dairy free pistachio ice cream tonight and it was SO SO SO good!  And so easy to make that it is crazy.  Not even too bad on cals (altho, I think I can make it better!)  Clean up was equally easy.  I love this thing and can't wait to try out some new recipes for smoothies and soups.  I'm a fan of soup, but the canned kind can be so full of stuff I don't need or not the flavors I want.  Plus, since I try to avoid dairy (really, lactose), it's nice that I will be able to make creamy soups without the cream!  YUM.  So.. I'm feeling excited and happy to see where that goes.  Thinking of making a smoothie in the AM.  This thing makes stuff so creamy, I can now easily throw seeds, nuts, or even grains like oatmeal into my smoothies.  I've always thought it was neat that Grace puts oats in hers, but had no idea how I could choke it down with that grit.  Now no worries!  I think she soaks hers overnight, but not sure that would help me all that much.  I don't know. 

So, that is all that has been going on.  I should probably get off of here and get to doing something decent like.... GOING TO BED.  :)  I want to snuggle the hubby and get some good rest.  I am hoping that over the next couple of weeks, I will be able to give a good review of my Chiro and the Vitamix.  :)  And I mean good as in accurate, not biased!  LOL

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