Thursday, October 24, 2013

Touching Base

Hey hey hey!  Just wanted to get on and touch base with my blog.  It's been busy around here, but I've been gettin' it done the best way I could.  First things first, things have been very busy because our kitten ran away and was gone for a few days.  She has come back, but.... she brought the f'n gift of FLEAS.  So, I have taken on the task of taking each room apart to wash, high temp dry, or treat with diatomaceous earth.  So far,  youngest's bedroom has been purged, cleaned, and put back together, most of oldest's and our room, too.  Treating our rugs today.  And the foyer has been completed.  I did some cleaning in the garage, too.  I have a ton of laundry to do and some more purging.  And I still need to rub the cat's down which I will be doing here shortly once I find my latex gloves.  I hate fleas.  Thankfully we saw and started a plan of attack immediately.  Plus, we have hardwoods and since it is cold here everyone has been covered up so the area of attack for the fleas is very little.  Hoping that by being aggressive in treatment, we kick the problem's ass.  But it's going to take me cleaning and treating all the areas.  Hopefully I can do it. 

As far as food, I've done darn well on getting my cals down.  Exercise hasn't been on the agenda, but I've been so busy with projects and now cleaning that I don't think it's been too big of an issue.  I know I need and want to do it, but after hours and hours of doing the other, my energy level just isn't there.  And today will be no different!  I need to get to it soon, actually.  My average over the last 9 days (since 10/15) has been right at 1600 (1620 as of today).  I'm quite proud of myself!  Mostly because there has been a LOT of eating out.  A LOT.  So to get my numbers into an acceptable range when at one point it was really high is awesome.  As of yesterday (and today!) my weight is 180 flat.  I'm content with that.  I know I am slowly working my way back down. 

Not much else has changed.  We're still plugging along.  I would post pics or something, but I don't really have any for now.  So, off I go to get to work!  LOTS to do and then Chiro later.  Fun fun. 

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