Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I have very little to report other than we have been working on the house like crazy trying to purge, clean, organize, and finish up little projects here and there.  Here is one of the projects.  It's roughed in and unfinished, but at least it's in and functioning.  What is it?  It's a cat bathroom!  LOL  We finished the little area under our stairs for them to use.  We blocked off one end so that the back half could be regular storage.  But since the part right under the stairs wasn't much, we used it for this.  We then cut out a door and hinged it with a little block (on the bottom left) to keep it closed.  Then we installed the actual cat door as shown.  You turn the block up, you lift up the whole door, slide the box out and scoop, then slide it back in.  Now we don't lose room in our cold garage to litter and the kitty's stay warm.  We also don't lose a bathroom of ours for theirs!  Plus, we are hoping it will be cleaner and block any smells.  We rarely have an issue with it (because it is part of my daily duties so it gets scooped a lot) but you know, poop stinks!  But we are hoping it will help.  :)  I just don't want it in with my regular bathroom anymore is the truth and this made use of 'dead space'.

Along with doing that, I cleaned out the other side which is the storage area.  I think we had 8 boxes in there and we are down to about 3.  Now if I could only get the attic done!  lol  I am going to try to work on that little by little along with the office and getting artwork back up.  I've taken art down all over the place and have yet to put some of it back up.  So, going to work on getting that up if possible.  I'll probably get all of this done just to move.  :/  But at least I won't have so much to take with me with all of this purging.  That's probably what I should really do.  I should load up all the stuff into my car and take it to the donation place since the weather is somewhat nice!  I may do that... hmmm...

Anyways, just been working along on odds and ends and cleaning and... stuff.  LOL  I think that's always the way it is.  Once you become a homeowner, or even just settle well into one place for a while, you have to go through and keep it cleaned up all the time or it just sneaks up on you and you have a mess!  And after all this time, we have built up some mess.  So, I am glad to be getting rid of some of the no longer necessary weight.  I believe that the attic is really the next to last place that has hidden weight.  I really need to get through it and purge.  The last place will be the garage because it currently holds all of the project odds and ends.  So, we can't do anything until it is cleared out of project items.  I did notice yesterday that the pile is getting smaller and smaller because we're using the items up.  That makes me VERY happy!

On the weight front, there is no change.  I seem to be between 177 and 178.5.  Today I saw 179.5 but it bounced around.  Not sure what's up with that BUT, I am about to start my cycle in the next few days.  Fun.  I know I haven't really gained, though.  I've been busy and my cals have been good.  I only went over 1 time in the last week or two and it was a choice.  So I know this is probably water.  I will still do one more weigh-in in the next day or two.  I like to track it either way.  Then I'll have a week where it will be off due to my cycle and I'll weigh in after. 

Nothing much else to report.  And honestly, I should probably get to work on the house.  Lots to do and never enough time to do it all!  Especially when I am sitting around on the pute!  LOL  Off I go to do something.  Crap.  I should PROBABLY do my BILLS!  :O  Yeah, I shall check laundry and do bills.  The rest can wait. 

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  1. I love that you made a kitty bathroom. That's a good way to use the space, and keep the damn box out of the way. When we buy a house I think I'll have to do something like that.
    I bought a brand new scale, so I was doing daily weigh ins again. Bad idea! I'm the same as you- I bounce around from day to day by a few pounds. I put the scale back in the closet, and am going to try to leave it alone until December. A once a month weigh in makes me wayyyy less crazy.


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