Monday, November 25, 2013

Bad week

We're having a rough week around here and I honestly feel like Mz. Scrooge right now.  I have cancelled Christmas at our house.  No joke -- my oldest child has had such a nasty attitude that I have decided that it just isn't worth it this year.  I have given him every chance, I have asked nicely, I have flat out told him, and then I have threatened and yelled so it was time to follow through.  He doesn't seem to appreciate ANYTHING.  If he's playing a game and doesn't get what he wants, he gets pissy and throws the remotes down.  If he's playing and gets bored, he just walks off and leaves stuff where it is.  If someone touches something he doesn't want touched, he gets mad and cries or screams.  He refuses to pick up his room or his playroom.  I don't even make that big of a deal about it unless I can't get in there, which I can't currently.  And I've helped him to clean it at least twice!  NO MORE.  And I flat out told him his days of his favorite cereals and cookies or other snacks are GONE.  He can eat what we have or do without.  I'm sick of bending over backwards to get him what he wants and likes only for him to act like life is SO freakin' hard for him.  So right now, I am trying to decide how far to take this to get my point across.  I am thinking of stripping his room down to only a few items.  And I'm serious about no Christmas.  I just can't even think of adding anything else to this mess right now.  Right now, I just want to get rid of all of the crap and then see how they feel and how they react.  I'm even thinking of selling some of our Trofast that stores the toys and taking our family room back over and see how they like not having as much 'stuff' and as much 'freedom'.  I'm sick to death of running myself ragged every single to day to not only get the need stuff done but to get what they won't do or their wants done.  I should NOT have to do that.  And I'm refusing to do it at this point.  I just don't know what has happened in the last few weeks that he has suddenly gotten the idea that this is how life is.  He used to be pretty darn good but the last few weeks or maybe last couple of months have been like this and it is frustrating beyond words.  I feel like I have failed.  Nothing much else I can really say about the whole thing but I have failed somehow.  And now I must find a way to correct course.

I have no idea what else to talk about today.  I have a ton to do.  But my youngest woke up with a fever during the night and I am tired.  Yes, Thanksgiving is in just a couple of days but I don't feel like doing anything to prepare for it.  Because at this point, if we are all sick it won't matter.  And it's not like we're having many people.  Just us and maybe my parents.  I've been trying to be positive about the holidays and all that, but it just feels... smashed.  I can't seem to muster up the appropriate amount of 'joy'.  Maybe this is just hormones or maybe it is something else.  I don't know.  I just don't feel it right now.  Yeah, someone totally peed in my Cheerios.  :/


  1. You sound really overwhelmed. I really think moms of the household don't get enough appreciation and support that they need. You are doing the best you can and you are not failing. I'm hoping your son is just going through a phase and he calms down. Besides punishing him, have you tried talking to him and understanding why he's lashing out? Is there something that's bothering him?

    *hugs* you are not a failure. I hope your week only improves from here. I hope all of you guys stay sickness free too.

  2. You are not a failure!! How old is the one acting out? Kids go through phases, and maybe you doing too much for him to give him what he wants has had a negative effect. Not cleaning up his room and playroom is totally unacceptable. We had a rule that what didn't get picked up got tossed/ donated. Calmly tell him this is a new rule, and give X amount of time for him to get the room and playroom clean. Don't help. Follow through exactly as you said you would. Maybe he'll test you the first time, but if you actually follow through and bag up every toy that didn't get put away and send it to Goodwill- I doubt he will test you a second time. Kids need chores and responsibilities, and lousy behavior has to have consequences. The thing is that you realize you need a change NOW, so you can do something about it. Is something different going on at school? Bullying maybe? Good luck. Don't be hard on yourself. Parenting has rough patches!


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