Sunday, December 1, 2013


Things have somewhat calmed down here, but I am still on strike about Christmas.  I've already told the kids that they will have to EARN back their holiday.  Oldest has also lost access to that cereal.  I was telling my Mom about how crazy he acted and she said it could be an allergy to something in it -- apparently two cousins AND my brother have a food dye allergy I wasn't aware of!  Specificially, Red Dye #40.  So... I gotta watch that.  Since he hasn't had that, he's been himself.  Still a bit of attitude which is normal, but for the most part much better.  He's getting back into his routine without much fuss of cleaning up and not arguing.  I think he is taking me seriously.  He should.  Very VERY rarely do I back down.  If I say NO, no means NO.  So, I am thankful that we seem to be getting into a decent groove.  I hope it sticks around until at least Spring!  To help with this, I am currently working on an every day chore chart for both kids.  We will also have a weekend chart.  For now, they are going to be working on getting Christmas back.  If they earn that back, there will be a different reward.  And I am going to make it tough.  I want them to get back into the habit of doing the right thing without me having to threaten and yell.  I hate yelling -- and I've done too much lately.  I'm trying to get back to not yelling and just follow through on punishment and let that speak for itself.

As far as projects go, the vanity, sink, faucet and toilet have now been installed downstairs so we have half a bath functioning!  WOOT!  Tiles are sealed and everything!  Hubby got that done while I was prepping for the holiday.  I managed to get a lot cleaned, purged, put away, labeled, etc.  I felt like I worked straight through for 3 or 4 days!  But a lot got done and I am proud of it.  I paid the price by getting sick on Thanksgiving day, though.  Nothing serious -- just a head cold.  But enough to sorta poop on the day.  I was tired, my head hurt, and I couldn't really taste the food.  Which sucked but... sorta was good as it kept me on track.  But it was nice visiting with my parents, hanging out, and just relaxing.  And again, I felt like the house was in darn good shape.  The boys had cleaned and picked up, the cats were out of the way, boxes had been purged and moved to their new homes or empty boxes were moved to the garage.  The only issue now is that the garage is FULL of trash, donate, sold, and laundry.  Why does laundry always get behind on holidays?  I don't know, but it did!  I did some, but goodness it sure seems like it is behind again!  I've been going in and throwing in loads here and there.  Going to try to knock out a couple here in a bit just to try to keep the load down.  I have 3 loads to put away just from the last few days.  I think that will help A LOT.  Then I need to work on moving out empty boxes and putting things back.  Maybe tomorrow I can take off donations.  Those 3 things would make a HUGE difference!

Now, on to the nitty gritty!  I weighed in this morning to get my November total.  Weight was.... 176.5!  WOOT!  Hit my next goal!  What a way to end November and start December!  It's 3lbs. to my next goal now.  I hope to hit that this month.  If not, well, I worked on it!  I'll be really happy just to get under 175 and that is only 1.5lbs. away.  :D  I'm currently at the lowest weight that I can remember being and I've only hit this weight one other time.  So just getting BELOW this weight will be a new milestone for me.  I don't even know how to REALLY feel about it, but I guess I feel excited and a bit nervous.  But I don't want to dwell on that.  I'm just happy to be getting to where I want to be.  I'm hoping that once I get under 175, the 12's will be my regular size.  I wear them mostly now, but I mean across the board when I go shopping.  Sizes vary so much, I know in different brands it will be different, but I work on an average.  LOL  I really hope to get to an 8.  And when I hit a goal, it seems more attainable.  :)

Overall, it's been a good week.  We had some serious ups and downs, but it seems to be getting back to a more even keel and I'm a happier person.  Now to have lunch, do laundry, and do some more on the chore charts and get those printed out.  :)  I want that up and going tomorrow.  I'm going to leave some blanks on there for anything that needs to be added, too.  Off I go to get to work.  Especially since the hubby isn't feeling well (he caught the cold!) and may need to take a day or two off to get better. 


  1. Great job achieving your goal! I'm glad to hear things are calmer around your household.

    Have a fantastic December.

  2. Congrats on reaching your goal! You are looking good woman! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see you progress :) I hope all is well Jewelz :)

  3. Hayy!! :)

    Also, congratz on the weightloss! :) Your in the 170s!! You say you don't know "how to feel about it". I say.. feel excited and reward yourself! :D Maybe getting yourself a nice dress this winter? :) But, definitely, you deserved the satisfying feeling! CONGRATZ :D


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