Thursday, November 14, 2013

For your viewing pleasure...

Thought I would finally add a few pics to the ol' blog.  Since I've been talking about all of this work, thought I would post some pics for you all to ogle.  LOL   


So, here is my upstairs bath!  We finally got the tub skirt tiled, I finished the wall on the right (there use to be a door there) and we got trim in and finished all of the detail work like black caulk to match the black granite and wall touch up.  We also switched the sinks back out because I like this larger one.  What is missing since I said 'mostly'?  Towel bars and hooks.  I HATE the towels hanging on the shower rod.  HATE.  I will be glad to put them up.  We have a bar for our towels and two hooks for the boys plus a couple of extra for behind the door for night clothes/robes.  I would also like a different shower curtain as this one isn't the one I originally wanted.  I have another one and may put it up soon.  This bath was a LOT of work.  We took out that door and gutted to the joists/studs and started from scratch.  And yes, we did it all ourselves.  I think it looks darn good!

We also started on the bath downstairs.  I can't seem to get the pic off of my phone... AARGH.  I will take one with the darn camera later.  Essentially it is the same process.  The main difference being no door to fill in which took FOREVER because I am no pro at drywall.  So, mudding and sanding is a long ordeal.  Then I also had to patch the ceiling which turned out ok, but not great.  But then again, where the pros did it in the kitchen you can still sorta tell.  So, for doing it myself it is ok.  It's the one thing I wish I had more experience with.  The first attempt was in our closet and I plan on scraping that and re-doing it.  It's livable, but we want to put another light in there so might as well fix it while we are at it.  I know it's just a closet, but... I'm sorta picky!  If the bathroom ends up bugging me, I'll do something there, too!  HA! 

As you can see, we've been busy.  In that mix we have the kids, Reunion, cats to vet, flea issues, and neighbor issues and car issues.  No, not bad neighbor issues!  LOL  Just that their van tore up and we had wanted to help with rides and stuff.  Nothing major.  Just typical daily blips.  Car issues were simple -- just needed new brakes.  But just an example of a super busy week per the usual with projects on top.  I will confess.... housework went to the wayside for a bit so we spent most of Monday doing that!  I need to do more, but I am taking today off.  I'm worn to a nub!  Anyways, will add more pics later.  I should quit going on and on and on! 

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  1. Great job!!! I'm going to post pictures of the second bedroom as soon as I am done decorating and organizing in there. All the painting is done, but I need to make curtains, put up the decorations for the walls, and then get all the random stuff in there organized. I wish I had a nicer assortment of furniture for that room, but I can't buy anything new right now. There is one chair, a tall bookshelf, and a little table. Not terribly exciting, but it''l have to do. Can't wait to show you all the cute things I've been making to put on the walls. It definitely is looking like a baby's room in there... Guess my subconscious is sending me hints!!!


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