Monday, November 11, 2013


Reporting in on this cold Monday.  I am already sick of cold weather, folks.  I'm ready for warmth and sunshine instead of freezing every night.  :/ 

Anyways, just thought I would do a quick check-in.  I hopped on the scale last night and it said 183.5.  Not sure what is up with that but it sorta bummed me out.  Then I thought about it and was like, duh!  Been working like crazy, been out to eat a couple of times, it's night, I have on PJ's, and I've been working like a fiend!  It's any wonder I'm not up MORE.  Hopefully that goes down soon.  Maybe by the end of the week.  But from sanding, painting, caulking and just flat out working my tushy off this week, I'm swollen and sore.  We just gotta get as much done as we can. 

I really shouldn't be on here... I should be sealing the downstairs bath so we can get the toilet in.  Or at least doing something.  But it is so nice to sit here, watch cartoons and sip coffee.  LOL  I will be getting to work shortly.  I have to do a few things in the upstairs bath to finish it off and then some housework and helping hubby downstairs.  Then maybe outside to do some painting before it gets too cold to do so.  I mostly want to touch up some areas on the back so they aren't 'raw' and then go over the front.  I realize that we won't finish it completely again this year, but unless you were really looking, you wouldn't notice it.  Only we know what we're still working on!  LOL  You might notice the paint looks thin in spots, but it's not a big deal.  It all has one or even two good coats on, but the house was a crazy ugly dark yellow/gold color before so it has been a pain to cover up.  Thankfully the new siding was easy and most of the front is brick.  So, like I said, not super noticeable unless you just happen to know or look really closely.  I'd mostly like to just get the front door area straightened up from where we put in the door.  It would've helped if it hadn't rained ALL FREAKIN' SPRING.  OR, it would've been great if the weather had made up it's mind this Fall!  The weird weather has made it VERY hard to finish outdoor stuff.  Especially since the hubby was ADAMANT that I not get on a ladder without him here.  I told him no worries as there was no doing stuff like that with a toddler around -- he'd have paint all over the stinkin' place!!!

So, we are a bit behind on our schedule for the year.  But it's ok -- slowly but surely.  I hope.  LOL

Well, I don't need to drag this out.  I really should get busy and do what I gotta do.  LOTS on my list!  I know I probably won't get much done, but every bit helps.  Off I go!

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