Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hiya fellow bloggers and friends!  Thought I would drop in and do a quick ol' blog since the hubby has decided that it is shower time.  I've already bathed the kiddos and got them in bed and then bathed myself.  Today wasn't a 'dirty' day but it sure was a busy day.  Paid the light bill, waited it out at the Doc's only to find out we didn't have to pay the bill due to an error, then off to Home Depot for a ton of samples.  Oh man, I am SO PLEASED with the sample we put together!  SO SO SO PLEASED!  I'll be glad when we are finally done with this bathroom!  I finished the scraping the other day and now the vanity is in, the tile is down, and the tub is in place.  We have the counter and the sink in place and they are ready to go in along with the new faucet.  But tile was our endeavor today.  I fancy myself somewhat artistic (even if my college Professor disagreed) so we have blended together a mix of 3 different tiles.  Literally blended.  And don't fear, that Professor was a complete biatch.  lol  I say that because even though I was at the top of my class and excellent at editing, mixing colors, blending, and doing all the touch-ups, her issue was that I couldn't pull things out of my head.  Uh.  NO.  I never TRIED to be an Artist.  Big difference between being an Artist and being artistic.  I can put things together that are already there, but I'm not great at creating out of thin air most of the time.  Anyways, I liked these plain multi- subway tiles and I fancied some sort of extra pop in there but just wasn't getting it.  So we found a pattern block tile in gold and red tones and then a random glass tile in muted neutrals.  All together, it's amazing and I am so excited!  I know it will be a butt ton of work, but it is what it is.  And in the end, it will be worth it.  So, then we got that all decided and went to the Chiro and Costco.  It was just a busy day!  More running around and back and forth than usual, but still good.

On another note... I'm down another pound to 178.  I am pretty happy with that!  I'm trying not to stress or obsess over it and just keep doing what I'm doing.  My cals over the last couple of days have been higher, but with working so much more than normal, I'm burning more than normal so I feel hungrier.  And frankly, if I am truly hungry, I am not going to not eat.  That seems silly to me to do that.  I could see if I was sitting around all day, but when you spend hours sanding and mudding or whatever... you're just asking for a big binge out if you get too low.  I'd rather be moderately over and not do that.  So, I'm a pretty happy girl right now.  :)

Now, I also wanted to talk about Grace's blog and her post about the page.  The gist was she was saying how cool it was to go and see the different body shapes and I agreed.  However, my big issue is I can't believe how many people are so clueless about their body shape!  It blows my mind!  Many of the girls in the hourglass category were no where NEAR hourglass!  A prime example was one girl in her pic was in a sport's bra and her underwear.  She wasn't fat, but you could tell her problem area is her stomach.  Her hips, thighs, and lower body were very trim as was her upper.  She was saying that at her weight (high 150's) she wore a size 4 in jeans!  UH.  HELLO!  Cause you're an APPLE and NOT an hourglass!  I'm not knocking her -- I promise you I'm not.  My point is that when you go to compare your body to others, they need to have some other way to determine body shape because body shape and composition make a big difference.  A prime example of this is Grace herself.  I won't tell her weight because I'm not sure she wants it told, but I can tell you that because she works out, she looks MUCH thinner than what her weight is!  And it goes across the board.  You may weigh more, but if you have muscle and are toned, you are going to appear smaller than someone with the exact same body with no muscle.  And frankly, I'd rather weigh a bit more and look good.  So Grace, this is my shout out to you that you look GREAT!  And you are my inspiration!  :D  Not just for your weight but because you listen to your body and you are doing what works for YOU.  And that is amazing.  And thanks for reminding me of that page!

I guess that is about it on my end.  Nothing really big and dramatic to add.  Just wanted to give a quick update and that shout out.  Night folks!


  1. Great job on the pound loss. I have days where I just listen to my body when I'm feeling hungry. I feed it a little at a time though to see if it'll satiate me and I mix it up with water/tea.

    Thanks for the shoutout. I don't post my weight on the blog but I feel comfortable sharing it with people who ask. I always thought I was a pear but with my shoulders, I could very well be a rectangle. I do dress my shape to give off the hourglass shape. I really should ask my boyfriend to take measurements to be sure of my shape.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Haha, everytime I come see you, your always losing! :) You are on a roll girl! I totally agree with your statement in the last paragraph. I also feel like that people these days are so fixated on 1 certain image of "how a girl should look like" that they forget about all the different shape of the body. Great post today :)

  3. Hey, that mybodygallery is kind of neat. I'm hands down an hourglass. I kinda wanna send pics of me to them now. I also like that "the shape of a mother" blog too. Didn't you post that once also?


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