Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pink Eye and Snow

Last night while eating dinner, I noticed that my oldest's eye looked... funny.  It looked slightly red and irritated.  Immediately I thought of pink eye.  Mostly because it's been going around.  LOL  So, I washed his eyes with baby wash, rinsed them and held a warm compress to them for 5 to 10mins each.  Then put in a couple of drops of the clear whey from our yogurt.  But when he got up this AM, he was all crusty so I just decided to keep him home to be safe and not spread it around.  And honestly, I was glad!  Because... well... I'd rather it be that than some other awful bug!  Seems like there are several going around so I'm happy to take the pink eye one if there are options.  Pink eye is no fun, but it's better than the alternatives. 

Anyways, ironically this AM I posted to FB that I hoped we got snow since Riley was already out of school.  And... it snowed right after I went back to bed and they called school out!  We've had really cold weather here, but not really much snow.  For whatever reason, where we are is in some weird little dip and we RARELY see snow even when every county around us is closed.  However, I hate that the county was trying to 'squeeze' in the full day hours and didn't call school until 11 when all of the other counties got out at 10.  A neighbor just called and said the bus couldn't get up the hill at the back and they had to go back.  So... it's been an hour and a half and the kids are STILL at the school.  So glad mine is home.  Every thing really does happen for a reason. 

So, looking like it's a stay at home and chill sorta day.  I have an ENTIRE bin of sewing projects that I will probably work on.  I can't do much washing because they ask we reduce power usage when weather is severe to hopefully stop blackouts.  So, other than finishing what is already down there and in the machines and maybe doing dishes, I see a day of taking it easy and working on sewing.  Needs to be done anyways.  So, off I go to keep warm, feed kids, sew and sew and SEW!

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