Monday, January 27, 2014

What to do...

It's Monday and I woke up in a perky mood if you can believe it!  I think it was the workout last night.  Got in workout #2 and I really enjoyed it.  Deadlifts included!  Yes, I enjoyed them!  I really felt it in my lower back, my booty and my hammies.  LOVED that.  Today is a day off for workouts but not for anything else.  So, what to do?  It's a fairly nice day out and part of me wants to go out and run errands and the other part wants me to stay home and knock out some more of the housework.  I knocked out a BIG chunk yesterday and got a bunch of laundry done, but from where laundry got backed up and it was rotation time for sheets, towels and blankets... well, there was a LOT.  There still is a lot.  And really I should be doing that now but I was too busy fussing at youngest to actually EAT.  He's avoiding it today and that will be an issue later if he doesn't do it.  Had to wake up the house, I still need to feed the dogs but I HAVE had breakfast and have been through the FB stuff and here.  All that is left is this and email.  Lemme do that real quick.  BRB.

Ok, email done.  Nothing important in there today AND got my boy's dental appts. confirmed.  Fun fun.  Anyways, I'm wondering if I should stay home and run errands say, later this week.  I see later on in the week it's going to be in the high 40's and maybe 50's with no rain so that may be a better time.  Plus... I could go without the kiddo.  He isn't bad to take.  Actually, he's usually darn good.  But taking him in and out of the carseat 100 times is hard on both of us.  Seems it would be better to stay home and work on stuff and projects and then take a couple of hours one day later this week and go alone.  Mostly because these errands are all returns.  ALL RETURNS.  UGH.  I should go to the chiro today and that is the only thing I can see myself getting out for.  But I may see if the neighbor can watch them for a few while I run to do that.  Or I may just wait and go W, Th, F.  Although I had really wanted to go 4 times this week and I also wanted to talk to them about extending our time since we missed so much during the holidays.  I mean, we paid and then had all that stuff going on so we lost that month.  I think I went twice in that one month.  But we will see.  And I have to be honest and say that the way they deal with it will most likely affect whether we continue our time past this quarter. 

Wanted to say that I also went back and read my first couple of posts from last year and I have to say I felt like we were pretty darn successful last year.  I continued to lose weight, we are spending more time together as a family (to include more games, dinner at the table, etc.), more projects were finished and we paid off some more debt.  They weren't resolutions really, but just things on my mind.  And I expect it to continue this year.  Especially time with the kiddos and debt.  The kids are only kids for so long and well, I want to enjoy them and for them to have good memories and grow up feeling like they have a good foundation.  I know it may not be everything, but I want that for them.  I have that and love it.  I hope to give that to them.  All the trinkets and toys and things of childhood are gone, but the memories are still here and they are the most important.  I want rid of debt so we can be with them more and not worry about money.  I want health so I can be around for them longer and for their futures.  The projects are important for several reasons.  One being to make life happier while we are here.  Then there is the fact we may move so it makes the house ready for the market.  Then there is also the thing that we want our kiddos to see that we work for money and we work to make things nice.  Things aren't handed to you.  You work one way or the other.  They like to help sometimes, too.  I hope that as they grow and see us working that it will encourage them to want to do for themselves as they get older and not always depend on someone or something else to get it to them.  So overall, my thoughts on the year of last and of the new, are the same.  And I really feel like that is good and God is good.  Progress and not necessarily, perfection.

I guess that is all for today.  I need to get going and do some laundry and major dusting.  There seems to be a never ending layer of dirt to vacuum and dust which seems to impact laundry like crazy.  AND, I have to clip everyone's nails.  JOY.  NOT.  I'm not sure how Butter is going to take the nail trimming... it could be good or bad.  We will see.  But some nails are getting trimmed today.  Human and cat.  The dogs are good.  But these others are going to get the nip.  They are literally tearing my furniture apart.  Guess it's good that at some point I plan on getting rid or recovering most of it.  Anyways, ONWARDS!

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