Saturday, January 25, 2014

SL 5x5

So, we did our first SL 5x5 workout Thursday.  I am SORE.  LOL  It went great and I really super enjoyed it!  Even though yesterday and today it's been difficult to get up and down.  HA!  But it's cool.  I'm not sore to where I can't move but sore enough to know that even though I purposely started lower than I knew I could do, I got in a good starting point.  The pendlay rows were a bit of a challenge, but after some messing around, we somehow managed to get a good setup for me for form.  Mehdi mentions it in the video, but in person it really was a matter of playing with the height of the bar off of the ground so you don't have to over-reach.  Anyways, did them and it was awesome.  Dead lifts are my next hurdle.  Truthfully, we are suppose to do those tonight, but with bad weather and hubby probably running late getting home, I don't know that he will feel like it.  And since I'm not familiar with them and not very strong for over head presses, I want to wait and do it with him so I have a spotter.  It's no big deal.  I just want to make sure we get it in this weekend sometime. 

Anyways, what was really shocking to me was the 'high' I got off of it.  Everyone always told me about runners highs and how great they were and well.... I never got them.  Ever.  I tried for months to run and I just hated it.  I do ok with jogging and walking but real running isn't my thing.  And even the jogging is more in intervals than real running.  I just don't love it.  I never got that 'high' or good feeling.  More like felt sick and tired and out of whack.  But guess what?  I got it after lifting!  LOL  About 30mins after we were done I had this huge burst of energy and focus and went to detail cleaning a bunch of stuff and I was.... *GULP* singing.  I do that once in a while.  Yup.  Anyways, I managed to do a lot and I was so shocked.  My husband laughed and said, "Looks like you found your high."  Uhhh... yeah.  It was AWESOME.  Now I know why runners enjoy it or other athletes.  I'm guessing I had this at another point in time which was high school and I had forgotten it.  But it was amazing and wonderful and... I hope to keep getting it.  LOL 

Speaking of weights... I decided to check mine this AM.  177.5 still.  I was hoping that was the case now that my cycle was over.  I don't expect to see any losses over the next couple of weeks.  I actually don't expect to see any over the next few months.  I expect to go up.  Because... well, weight lifting.  LOL  Your muscle retains water.  And while I may lose fat, I hope to be gaining muscle.  :)  But all is well -- I know this is a lifetime change and little by little I am getting there.  Speaking of, checked my weigh-ins from over the last year and I closed out the year with a 14lb. loss.  LOL  Not really.  More like around 10 since at the end of the year I tend to gain a bit and then lose it.  But at the end of every year, I'm down is what is important.  Yeah, I could cut down and bust hump and lose it all in a few months, but I don't know that I could maintain it.  So, I'll take it.  At the end of 2011, I weighed 196.5; end of 2012 was 186.5.  2013 was 177.5.  And with my highest ever being 226.5 a hand full of years ago, I'll take it.  Since 10 seems to be my average, I'm wondering if by next year I'll be in the 160's?  I guess we will see if I follow the trend!  LOL

Well, it's a crazy cold and yucky day today, but I need to get up and get to doing some housework and who knows what else.  I don't wanna, but I gotta!  LOL  I need to get the bedrooms in better order and get a good vacuum in.  And get these boys to get the downstairs picked up.  Busy busy busy.  LOL  Considering I had a lazy day yesterday for no reason, seems like a good plan!  Off I go to check FB one more time and then to work.  :)

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