Monday, February 3, 2014

Trying to not look at it

I'm trying REALLY hard not to think about the scale.  REALLY hard.  I am checking in on my weight, but I know that right now my weight will go up.  There is no way around it when eating at or above maintenance and lifting.  My biggest issue is trying to get in good amounts of protein.  I'm thinking that some carbs are going to have to go even if I am not really counting now, although keeping up with the protein has been sorta hard.  I may go back to tracking food just to keep up with that!  Like I said, I have checked my weight and in the AM, I've only been up a few pounds which is fine.  Water and all that from soreness.  But my biggest issue has been hunger.  I have been SO hungry lately.  And my normal low cal options haven't even made a dent.  I typically try to head for a carb and some fat and reserve the nummy protein for meals (even though many of my fat options have protein, too).  Mostly because I like to eat protein as a big serving and I'm not sure why.  But for example, when I eat steak, I EAT STEAK.  I usually eat that and just a veg.  That tends to lead me to carbs for snacks.  But lately, that hasn't been working.  I'm craving fat and lots of it.  It's nuts!  So, I may have to move over to more fatty and protein rich stuff for those.  Which sorta blows.  Because snack time is when I enjoy things like bananas, pretzels, and etc.  Maybe I'll do a small snack plate.  That may be the fix!  But man oh man... being hungry all of the time is sorta rough.  But food tracking may have to happen again just to make sure nothing funny is going on.  Not sure where to set my calories, though...  Hmmm... maybe whatever maintenance is at, I guess.  That would be around 1900 which is what I was thinking.  I guess I will get a bit further and then decide.  I guess my fear is gaining a ton.  I know I will gain some but I worry about it going over.  And I'm not 'bulking' right now but rather trying to build muscle without gaining a ton of fat.  And even on the best of days, it can be hard!  Even with people who are much more skilled at this lifting thing.

In other news, not much has been going on here except for I've been cleaning out my paper stacks.  Goodness, but I must be a paper hoarder!  I've been holding on to some things for SO long.  So, I've decided to start letting a few things go in order to have less to keep up with or possibly lose if we should move.  I have my own system, but I decided to look up what the 'recommendations' were and some of them shocked me!  One site said to keep every W2 you've ever gotten until you retire!  Seriously???  That seems nutty to me.  I destroy tax things after 7yrs. usually.  Although this time, I am only keeping 3yrs. back since the 'majority' of the time they won't go back further than that unless you are off by 25%.  I know we've never had an issue like that, so I've decided to purge back that far.  Some of the other stuff made sense like keeping certain receipts for warranties and things like that.  I do all of that.  But I'm really purging things down.  Just like we will with furniture and things when we get ready to move.  I know that several things will not be going with us.  No point in holding on to stuff when it's the perfect time to clean down some now.  I just need to get on with it and get a few more things done.  I'm enjoying have less around me to keep up with!  But there is always more to do.  LOL

So... I guess that is all right now.  I really am rather boring so I guess that's why not many comments lately.  I'm just moving along and doing my thang (heh).  I hope everyone out there is doing well and staying warm.  I know we're trying!  Off I go to try to do something with this day.  :)


  1. Are you getting enough sleep? When I'm lacking sleep, I'm simply ravenous. If you are active, it could explain why your hunger levels are up too.
    Are you drinking enough water? De-hydration often can feel like hunger too.

    Turn to healthy fats! I eat nuts and avocado all the time and it keeps me satiated :D

    Power through! You can do this.

  2. Yup yup! Actually been getting more sleep lately than usual so that is good. I did up my water and that seems to have helped. I think it's the weight lifting! I've also been eating more avocado and that seems to really help, too, with the extra protein. But I really think maybe it was mostly water like you said! I never thought that lifting would make me need that much more water. Maybe it's a transition thing? Either way, thanks for your support! :D


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