Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Moving On

Today I've decided to move on.  I've talked to my Mom and a couple of friends (including the hubby) and right  now, I've decided to just drop the issues and go on.  If something else happens and I feel uncomfortable, I'm going to address it.  But for now, it could be a misunderstanding that I am reading wrong, so going to just go.  I'm still upset and aggravated, but it solves nothing.  I do think that a break is in order and I believe the weather and our schedule are going to do that this week.  Maybe after that, we will see.  But to be honest, I'm not sure how 'quiet' and 'let go' I can be.  Especially since I am even MORE annoyed because my kiddo got hurt over there yesterday and they didn't even come to check or see what happened.  But like I said, part of me feels that was rude on their part but then the other part is like, well, maybe they just figured you're a good Momma and had it under control.  I just don't know.  See how ugged up I am over this?  But again, I could just be over thinking it all. 

Anyways, the weather today is pure crap.  Rain off and on all day.  :/  So, no outside work for me which sucks.  I would've liked to have finished trimming my bushes back.  They look sooooo bad.  And I think I've lost many of my plants.  Winter was just so long and so rough.  BUT, I did get my beds weeded, edged pretty well, and most of them trimmed.  I had wanted to finish the trimming, clean that up and then put down fresh needles.  But with this rain/storms rolling through, its not going to happen today.  Maybe tomorrow.  I guess we will see.  I had thought of running errands, but I don't think that will happen, either.  So, I guess I will do some housework, get a workout in, and not sure what else.  I thought of scrubbing my chairs down, but I'm just not sure how much it will help.  They are VERY old and really need a re-cover.  Bad thing is, re-covering costs as much as new chairs!  I'm leaning more and more to getting rid of them.  They have no sentimental value.  I just like the style.  But in reality, they need work and sit really close to the ground which no one seems to like.  However, it works in this older house where the ceilings aren't that high.  But I see what everyone else means.  I could also work on my broken tables or caulk and paint.  Caulk would be pretty easy and fast and I could probably knock out a big chunk.  So, that is looking super appealing.... So much to do, and just no idea which one to do.

I seem to have outside projects on the brain, though.  After the front is done, I'm hoping the dirt will be here.  I was hoping today or tomorrow, but I'm betting now it will be more like Thursday or Friday.  Which is fine.  But we also have some more brush to burn off and that back wooded area is starting to get built up again.  My Mom had a great idea to take an old tarp back in there and when we are cutting and removing stuff to load it on the tarp to drag out.  It would reduce the amount of hauling, dragging and clipping!  Which means we could probably get a whole lot more done and faster.  Because that area keeps growing back too fast!  And once the dirt is in, we could hopefully clean that out, fill in holes, and then be able to run a mower back there to keep it cleaned out. I would like a couple of bushes/trees that are shade tolerant down there for some privacy.  But that is about it.  I've also been thinking of the front porch and I'm ready to go on that.  UGH.  So much to do.  ANNNNNDDD.... it's raining.  YUCKITY YUCK.  But there are tons of other things to do, so I guess I should get off of here and get on it.  I just don't wanna.  Maybe I should have a lazy day instead.

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