Friday, May 2, 2014

Thought I Should

Thought I should post a little bloggy blog since I've had some time away.  Although, that wasn't planned!  I just had a super busy week with stuff at the kiddo's school, parents with a broken down car and doc appts., then those same parents came up to visit plus hubby's birthday!  It's just busy busy busy for the last several days!  But that's ok other than that included eating out and on the go a lot, missed exercise days, and up late.  Oops!  But on a good note, my last recorded weight (on the 25th) was 176!  Sadly since then, I've not seen lower than 178.  :/  I'm not sure why because even with the eating out and whatnot, my cals have only been higher than normal one day.  The other days, I've stayed between 1600 and 1800.  I think my issue is that while I've been busy, I've not been as active maybe.  Because while doing small things and driving are tiring, they don't particularly burn a lot of cals.  And with this crazy weather... well, I've not done any yardwork on top of the lack of exercise!  The weather has been nuts and has been a part of the craziness.  We had tornado alarms going off all night one night and spent the entire night in the basement.  The kiddo didn't go to school the next day due to exhaustion.  I know some people here didn't take it seriously... but it only takes one disaster to change your mind about being prepared.  I'd rather try to stay safe rather than just sit there like a lump.  I trust God, but I also trust that he gave us brains for a reason.  And I try not to let them get too dusty!  LOL

So, anyways, I'm a bit bummed my weight is up.  I had really hoped that I would get down to my lowest ever of 172 before vacation.  Really, I had hoped for the 160's but figured I should be happy to just get to my lowest.  But I guess that isn't going to happen now.  Vacation is less than 3 weeks away and there is no way I can lose 6lbs. in that time.  If I had lost this week, maybe.  But not now.  Not going to stress myself out like crazy.  Not worth it.  Just going to keep on keeping on!  What's on my mind now is whether or not I should track during vacation.  I'm thinking I'm going to try but not fret if I don't.  Know what I mean? 

Well... I don't really have much to talk about.  I guess I should go and do something.  I keep trying to convince myself that I need a lazy day after all the hectic crap, but what I really want to do is workout and catch up on some housework.  LOL  I've not done much and it's now afternoon.  But I'm getting antsy... why does that always happen?  When you plan a lazy day you can't seem to do it?  Weird.  Maybe I will try to get into a book or something and see if that helps.  Off I go!

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