Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Routine

Hello out there in Blogger land!  I'm in a bit of a perkier mood today -- and that is good, because bad moods really suck.  Bad.  And even though I am still a bit in a snit over said friend, I'm trying to remind myself that I'm SURE at some point I was an ass about something and let it go and move on.  I just think that for some people, it is hard for them to understand and grasp that each person's body is different and each person needs different things based on personal preference, workout/lifestyle, dietary allergies or intolerances, and just personal needs.  I even used Didi and another friend as a point of reference because you guys have a different eating style, but it's never caused me to attack anyone.  I try VERY HARD to understand other people's needs in that arena.  I very much believe that each body is different.  If they weren't, we'd all have the same issues... even same hair, body type, eye colors, etc.  And we don't.  So we all need to attack our problems on a different level.  So, while I'm still a bit annoyed, I'm trying to let it slide off of me.  Trying to remind myself to keep doing my moderation thing and if along the way she doesn't get it, then that is HER issue and not mine, ya know?  I've moved to a different level of understand and I hope she will eventually, too.

So, Didi and Kristen asked a couple of questions so I wanted to get into the grit of those!  I had planned to write another blog, but maybe I can do that later or add it on to this one.  :)  Anyways, here goes:

Q) "I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know more about your lifting though. I would like to get into it but am not really sure what I need or what to do..."

A) This question is easy for me!  I actually got into lifting in high school.  Although I was always considered a bit nerdy and sometimes a bit eccentric, I was also athletic and played sports.  In our school, we were required strength training to play them.  I loved it even back then.  Fast forward a few years and I had gained weight and was out of shape.  I've been on MFP and when I really started going through the success stories that appealed to me, they all had one thing in common -- lifting.  I'm not a cardio bunny.  I'm not a gym bunny.  So I wanted something simple, clean, fast and effective.  Stronglifts came up and after reviewing it, I realized it was VERY close to what I did in school.  So, I switched over!  I love it and have been at it for a few weeks now.  We did have about 3 weeks off due to illness, though.  It is heavy compound lifting.  You can look up the website for info (it is FREE!) but Mehdi (the guy who started the site/name) can be a bit... bro-ish.  And long winded.  But he knows his crap.  For a more condensed version, you can join up to MFP and look for the group 'Stronglifts for Women'.  One of the ladies did a type up of the info and it was very to the point.  Basically, there are two routines, A & B.  You rotate them doing only 3 sessions (or maybe 4 depending on how it falls) a week with a day of break in between each session.  I usually stick to 3.  You CAN do cardio or whatever on your in between days.  So say MWF you do strength and then TThSt you do cardio.  Up to you.  I don't do much planned cardio.  The sessions are fast at about 30mins each.  You have 3 moves each session at 5 reps.  This program is designed to improve strength FAST.  So the weight moves up progressively fast, but you really set the pace.  We keep a notebook with all of our info to keep track.  There is an app, but I'm not a fan.  Good ol' pencil and paper for me!  But that is basically it.  Simple.  Another good thing is that Medhi from SL has vids on Youtube to show you how to do it all.  Again, free.  He looks sorta nerdy... until he takes his shirt off!  :O  He has a lot of power but he isn't huge and gross.  Which I dig. LOTS.  You can also look up women  doing it and their bodies are tight, toned, and healthy.  Yes, some can go to far, but I don't want to go too far.  The reason I like SL is simply because I enjoyed it at one time and it has the best chance of helping me to achieve my goals.  I want to be tighter, have some muscle to fill out saggy skin, and be strong.  AND, I want to do it without looking like a man.  Seeing has how I have NO intention of cutting out carbs and cutting body fat REALLY low or taking any kind of enhancements, SL work is what I want.  So far, I like the results.  My weight isn't moving as fast, but I was eating at maintenance for a bit to build up muscle before I cut the calories back down.  I wouldn't call it a bulk... I'm not doing this to get a body builder look so I wouldn't be eating they way they would.  But I am eating at a slight deficit now 1600 to 1700 a day.  My weight was back to 179 as of this AM -- and I am swollen from lifting yesterday.  WARNING:  There WILL be a weight loss stall and even gain when you first start lifting!  It is water weight and goes away!  Then you only get occasional retention.  :)

Q) Ok, where the heck did you get the 100 number for protein? That is a serious assload of protein. I get it that serious workouts require extra protein, but for a woman hitting 100 is massive.

A)  This one is a bit more technical!  The thing is, when you are an average woman, you only need average consumption for maintenance.  Which is pretty easy to accomplish if you are a regular meat eater or a seasoned vegger that knows how to get all of your plant protein sources in.  But when you are building muscle, or trying to lose weight and maintain muscle, you have to eat more protein to compensate so that your body doesn't eat the current source of protein in your own body -- aka, muscle.  That's why a lot of folks lose weight but then look 'skinny fat' after -- they focused on weight loss but not muscle retention.  And once it is gone, it is MUCH harder to gain it back!  The current recommendation is 0.6 to 0.8g of protein to weight.  So for me because I'm right under 180, on the low end that would be around 90g.  Many use the lean body mass calculation which is even higher, but I have no clue what mine is since I am still heavier and I've never really had it checked.  It's something like 1.0 to 1.25g per lb. of lean body mass.  :O  Crazy.  But if you are lifting heavy and already pretty close to your prime weight, it makes sense.  You don't want your body to eat the very thing you are trying to build.  I think the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) would be around 65 for maintenance.  There are calculators out there... I just tried one.  It said to just exist I need that 65.  So for building and weight loss I need higher.  Little changes are adding up for me.  One extra slice of bacon in the AM, Greek yogurt for snack, quinoa with dinner, froyo for dessert, a cup of cauli with lunch or even a big spinach salad.  It all adds up.  I do have a protein powder, but I don't use it often.  I'd like to use it a bit more, but only as maybe a bump -- not a regular thing.  I would like to keep my meat intake where it is and up the other things.  So far, so good.  :)

Well, I guess that is all for the questions!  :D  The only thing I would like to add on to this post is that I have come to love quinoa and Greek yogurt SO MUCH.  I already loved the other stuff.  But Greek yogurt is so versatile... I like making it into dessert.  LOL  I like to put that ED Smith berry stuff on top with a crushed Belvita breakfast cracker and BAM.  Good stuff!  For the quinoa, I made the mistake of treating it like pasta and that did NOT sit well on my palate. I hated it.  But I saw a recommendation to treat it more like mashed potatoes and OH YEAHHH!  LOVE!  So, I made 1c with 1tbsp. of butter blend and some salt.  Then when nearly done, I added another tbsp. of butter blend and Johnny's Garlic Salt (which is amazing... on EVERY THING). YUM.  I ate it mixed with broccoli and cheese in a plate and fried some eggs for on top.  HEAVEN.  HEAVEN!!!!  So good.  I ate it three days in a row.  LOL  I just didn't like it with typical pasta toppings like marinara.  But I also don't like salsa on my baked potato!  I'm a texture person.  But treating it like a potato or maybe even rice works better for me.  But try it out and see what works for YOU!  :D :D :D


  1. Still sorry your friend jumped on you about the food. Some people just don't get it. I had a, well, not friend exactly, just somebody I know, rambling on and on about the paleo diet, and gluten free, and how she doesn't eat beans, and blah blah blah. I shut it down quickly, because I'm better read, and can be kindly aggressive when I'm not interested in continuing a conversation. I said if she felt good eating that way, I'm happy she found what works for her. (Mind you, while she was visiting she wanted to get a pizza, so she could chow down on gluten out of sight from her group of gluten free friends. Which we did, much to my amusement) I then explained to her that unfortunately I can't exist on a meat laden diet, even if that meat is grass fed, and not from a mass production farm. The more meat that I eat, the crummier I feel. I can't touch certain meats either, like venison, and most pork, (I can have a slice of bacon, or a bight of chorizo, but that's about it), because I'll end up vomiting, and shitting like crazy. I said it makes absolute sense for a person with Celiac disease, or a non Celiac gluten sensitivity to not eat processed foods, or other wheat containing foods. She still maintains nobody should eat it, but at least the subject got dropped.
    Honestly, I'd like to be tested for food allergies sometime in the future, because I still experience too much bloating (mostly at night), and other stomach issues. I'm still working on finding out what foods work for me.
    Hey, can you send me a link for the protein calculators? I'd like to try 'em out, and see what they recommend. I'm doing way more strength training lately, but no real heavy lifting. It is something I am interested in FOR SURE down the road, but for now I'm happy with the classes, and the swimming.
    I've had bad experiences with quinoa, but want to give it another shot. I pinned a bunch of recipes, but am still a little nervous that they will turn out bad. Have you tried popped amaranth? Like quinioa, it's a complete protein- pop it like popcorn for a fun snack. You can cook it, but it's better used as a thickener in my opinion because it has an odd texture.

  2. I totally agree with you. I too believed each body is different and that there are many different form of beauty. A healthy body is a beautiful. :) I like how you stand up for your belief and not be overcome by influence!


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