Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bathing Suits

So, I promised long ago to talk about bathing suit shopping.  I think I've covered all of the other things that had been on my mind in that list.  I'll have to look again, but at last look, I believe that was where I was at, yes?

You all know that I have been focusing on getting back on the bandwagon and staying consistent.  Not just for weight loss but for stress management.  Well, when weighing at one point, I was starting to creep back up into the 180's.  I believe 182.5.  (EDIT:  Just checked, it was 180.)  Granted, I felt bloated then, but you have to start eventually and just do it.  You have to just keep at it and just do it.  So, I did.  I've logged in consistently for a little over 2 weeks now.  My weight, as of last check, was 178.5.  Still leaves me about 35lbs. to my 'ultimate' goal.  But I won't be checking my weight again for a bit as my cycle just started.  Anyways, my point was that I've been trying to be more consistent and succeeding.  Why?  Because... bathing suit shopping.  Yes yes.  Bathing suit shopping was what helped to get me into a good frame of mind.

Let me explain.  For most women, and normally I'm no different, bathing suit shopping is a thing of torture, stress, humiliation, and all out discomfort.  Especially if it is a planned excursion where you are on 'the hunt'.  That didn't happen this year.  I had NO intention of buying a new suit.  I had only planned on getting maybe one bottom and I wasn't even looking yet!  What happened was I went out with my SIL to do some wedding shopping.  And well... we were at JCP and we decided to look because it was there.  So, we looked.  And instead of hating it and dreading it, we had FUN.  And not only that, but in most of the suits I had to go DOWN in sizes.  Keep in mind, this was a couple of weeks back so my weight was hovering right at that 180 cusp and I knew it.  Yet, in suits I was going down.  My theory is lifting.  LOL  Anyways, instead of hating it and feeling yucky, I found myself admiring my figure.  Feeling good about how I was doing and where I was going.  I LIKED what I saw!  REALLY liked it and realized that if I kept going the direction I was with lifting, I could REALLY get some great results for myself.  We had a great time.  I didn't buy a suit that day, but I came home that night and ordered one with swim/boy shorts, a cute bikini top, and then bought a pair of bottoms that are a bit snug from Target.  I think I own like, 6 suits or so total now!  And I love them!  Even the snug bottoms.  But they are juniors Mossimo Black and the largest size they had was XL.  And in juniors, that's what I need or maybe one size up.  But I got them because I liked them a lot, they go with the tankini open back top I have, and well... I think they will fit great in just another month or two.  They are just snug, not tight. 

Anyways, I guess I got a little BOOST from seeing so much skin and seeing the positives in what I have done so far.  It probably helped that we had recently looked at photos and seeing myself larger vs. now made a good impression in my brain.  It helps that I am trying to appreciate where I'm at more and instead of judging how I look, I'm aiming more to see what I am doing right.  Like when I taped myself squatting and dead lifting for form.  Oh yeah!  I TAPED MYSELF!  And even though I started to criticize how I looked, I shifted to paying attention to was I hitting parallel or lower?  Was my back straight?  How was my breathing?  All good?  YAY!  I'm doing it right!  I've also been focusing on strength.  I moved up another 10lbs?  WOOT!  I biked 3mi. in 20mins?  WOOT!  The taping myself doing my lifting really gave me a great boost.  I liked seeing myself doing it and doing it right.  :)  And you did read that right... I'm back to doing some cardio.  Mostly for heart health, stress management, and endurance.  I like the combo.  I'm thinking that walking, maybe some jogging/running, biking, and jump rope.  Yuppers.

Overall, I feel like the bathing suit shopping and getting back into a good routine did great and improved my mood instead of pooping on it.  Time out with my awesome SIL was good, too!  We tend to have a good time.  lol  So don't dread bathing suit shopping ladies!  Don't dread pictures and video of yourself!!!  Take it as the time to see how far you've come and not how far you have to go.  Really, this applies to the dudes, too.  Although, I don't think I have any male readers.

One last note... I don't think I've mentioned that along with the lifting and light/moderate cardio, my cals are still at around 1600 to 1700.  It took a couple of days to get my numbers back down but I did it.  Just had to make a few tweaks.  It's amazing how I was eating pretty much at maintenance without even trying!  But it was a transition to go back to cutting down.  As a result, I changed my MFP method and instead of maxing at 1600, I made it my minimum because it made me feel like I was heading and hitting a goal instead of failing and passing it.  It's been good!  I like this method MUCH better!  No more feeling a bit of guilt if I am at say, 1629.  Especially considering that my BMR is like 1580 and I want to eat above that most days.  If I have a low day once in a while, I'm ok with that.  But I would like to keep it above that if possible.  So that left me a small window.  I don't feel that way now.  Now I'm like, "Yeah!  I  made my 1600 and stayed under 1700!  Go me!"  Very helpful.

Well, I guess that is all for today -- this is long enough!  And even though I'm being somewhat lazy, I probably should do something... just not sure what.  I know I need to do more laundry.  There is ALWAYS laundry.  HA!  It doesn't help that I've only been able to do a load here or there and not really knock out a chunk like I need to.  So, going to focus on that today, I guess.  And whatever else the hubby wants to do.  There is always something to be done!


  1. Yay for lifting! So glad that you had a pleasant swimsuit shopping adventure. I thought I was the only non skinny girl enjoying myself trying on swimsuits. :) I always admire my boobs, and hips... just can't help myself.
    Take the lower measurements over the lower weight any day, right? There's something empowering about feeling yourself getting stronger, and then seeing the results in the mirror. Makes you feel like Wonder Woman.
    I wish I could use exercise bikes without my butt hurting. Is there a trick to that or something? It's good that you are getting in some cardio though, it really does keep the stress down. I haven't been able to go since Sunday, because I'm feeling too run down and nauseated, and I notice the difference. If I do a class, and swim, literally nothing can stress me out. Wish you lived closer so I could drag you to my zumba class. The instructor is so fun. It makes you not mind it so much that your heart is going to blow up. (Normally I am not a fan of super intense cardio)
    Reading this post makes me think about how I need a new swimming suit. Ya know how they get kinda stretched out? Not sure if mine is like that cause I'm smaller, or it's just wearing out. Probably a combination of both.

    1. I use a recumbent bike! So no sore tushy for me -- it uses different muscle groups than a regular bike, too. :D Not sure on Zumba.... I don't do well in classes where I have to follow steps. That is why I like the lifting and plain cardio -- I do fine on it. If the steps are set, I can do it, but if the steps change up... I am clumsy. LOL Yes, suits can for sure wear out! It's part of the reason why I like to get new ones every few years. I actually get in the water so the salt/chlorine can wear them out. I'd say if you only wear them to lay out or whatever you'd be fine, but if you actually get in water, they wear much faster. Losing inches will definitely change it up, too!

  2. Yay on having a good shopping experience! Jeans and bathing suits are two of the things I hate shopping for the most. It's getting better that's for sure :)

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I am not coordinated at all, and I still love zumba. It's all about how fun the instructor is. Our instructor is so positive and into it that you forget about looking stupid stumbling all over trying to follow the steps. Seriously, I probably look like I'm having a seizure instead of working out, but I always leave in a good mood.


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