Friday, April 4, 2014


OH THE HORROR!  The horror of not blogging for weeks!  :O  Not sure what happened there -- I was on a good roll and then BAM!  I skipped a bunch.  What's up with that?  I am just not sure.  I think I was all topsy turvy and trying to get things done AND get into a routine which literally threw me completely off.  At least, that is my guess.  I have struggled the last few weeks to get into a routine again, but I am slowly but surely getting there now.  Little steps, but steps.  I have gone so long, I actually have tons to write about but not sure where to go with it and where to start.  Hmm...  A list maybe?

* Some family of mine is moving.  FAR FAR AWAY.  Like, to Alaska far.  Seeing as how I'm in the southeastern part of the US, that's surreal to me.

* Getting into a better routine with weights and trying to decide if I should run.

* Hubby work issues.

* Projects that we have finished and want to work on.

* Diet issues.

* Kid and adult issues... and acceptance.

* Money issues.

* Family issues... and why they keep happening.

* Bathing suit shopping!

* Getting rid of crap.

So, the list is long and I KNOW I can't fit it all in here!   Well, I could.  But then this would be dangerously long and probably very boring.  VERY BORING.  So, I think today I will cover some of the family stuff.  Because it is on my mind and it helps to get it out.  Here goes...

My Mom recently called to inform me (during the middle of the night, aka, 1:30AM!) that some family of ours has decided to up and move.  They had been talking about it before, but none of us took it really seriously.  We though, eh, they'll just talk about it but it won't happen.  But then they showed up, said they had bought a trailer to move all of their stuff, quit/retired from their jobs, and had pretty much tied up all ends and were almost ready to go.  I was just... in shock.  I'm happy for them if this is really want they want, but I worry they are going for the wrong reasons.  You see, they worry about the state of the US.  I do, too.  But I'm not going to up and move like that.  They just feel if things tank that even though it is part of the US, it's so far away that they would be 'safe'.  They enjoy that lifestyle and want to feel secure now.  I get that.  I do.  And I hope they are happy.  Maybe things are different for us because we are younger.  I don't know.  But my parents seem to be at that point where they worry non-stop, too.  And I can't find fault with what they are doing because they have taken into account how everyone feels and their future and gone after what they want.  They aren't stepping on anyone or abandoning anyone or any of that.  They are doing what is right for them.

I can't say I always feel that way about fam.  On the other side of the spectrum, we have covered my previous issues with certain family members who choose to be selfish and do childish things like block people and then expect them to act like all is well in the world.  Well, that has continued and I have just kept on.  But it's affecting other people now and getting ugly.  It's become a family issue instead of just a me issue.  I really dread to see where this goes.  I kept thinking that over time, at least part of it would resolve itself, but I am starting to think that may not be so true.  I am just sick to death of it.  And like the hubby said to a cousin recently, sometimes you just have to choose to be happy and do the right thing by cutting said family members off.  Sucksville.

All of this makes me think of the future.  In the grand scheme of things, life for us doesn't change much because we've made a choice to love our families on each side and only do what we can.  I'm very close to one side of the family but not so much the other because the drama is just too much for us.  Dealing with it is hard and you have to decide at some point what you are willing to accept.  Since we aren't willing to accept the crap and stress of it every day, we choose to stay away.  And just like we make our choices, they have made theirs.  It does make me wonder what it is that runs through their heads.  I'm sure they wonder the same about us.  And it makes me wonder even MORE about the future and the fact that at some point, our children will be grown and those same adaptations will have to be made.  They will marry or whatever and do their own things and we will have to learn to accept them or make the choice to not be as involved and they will do the same.  Life is sooooo much harder than I ever though it was at times.  I mostly just want my kids to know I love them (no matter what) and only want them to be happy.  I try to remember that when I am feeling annoyed at my parents or in-laws.  I may not always agree or understand, but I try to remember that they more than likely just want what is best for us.

Phew!  On that note, I think I am done for now.  I may do more later but don't want to drown my page all at once!!! 

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  1. I seem to be blogging most weeks this year, but I definitely went through a dry spell. Sometimes a person doesn't feel like blogging- nothing wrong with that!
    Plus, let's admit it, our core bloggy group kind of disbanded a while back, and it hasn't been the same since! :) I miss the days of having at least half a dozen comments per blog, don't you?
    I hope the family issues get sorted out. There are certain members of my family that I avoid, because I can't handle the drama/ negativity/ flat out lying about everything ever. Holidays in town aren't that exciting anymore, because all of my close family is so far away. Oh well! I choose not to spend time with people that I find stressful, and I don't make exceptions for blood relations. ;) It's better to have boundaries, than feel like you are being treated poorly.


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