Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shit together

I'm having one of those times that I can't seem to get my shit together.  Nothing is really getting... done.  UGH.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEEEEEEEEEE??????????? 

By getting my shit together, I mean my food and diet.  Slowly but surely moving on the other crap.  Sorta.  LOL  I think I have Spring Fever or something.


  1. Spring fever is GOOD!

    If it makes you feel better, I am on the SAME bandwagon, girl! I feel like I'm spinning and can't figure out how to stop. LOL

    Have a better day!


  2. I got rid of my scale, called it quits with myfitnesspal, and have washed my hands of the whole mess. I'm going to the gym, getting acupuncture for a few things (including weight loss, but with a stronger focus on the emotional end of it), and letting my body be my body. The last time I did this I was seventeen, and I lost forty pounds which I kept off until I neared my mid twenties... so hopefully something will give. Lol.
    I'm putting everything else in my life first, and no longer allowing myself to be crazed about weight loss, and fuckin' food. If I'd stop beating myself up about my damn physical appearance, I might realize how awesome my life actually is.
    It felt really great getting rid of the scale.

  3. Hey! You'll get it done :D I know it!! Stay focus, and get your food and diet in! Slow is still good! Slow is always better than NO MOVING xD haha


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