Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just a little bit nutso

These kids.  Yes.  My darling offspring.  They are driving me just a little but NUTSO.  I love them, I do.  But sometimes I majorly regret introducing them to the wonderful world of electronics.  Like today when it is pretty darn gorgeous outside and all they seem to be thinking of is going and plopping on the couch to play some sort of game on their Kindles for hours.  UGH.  Now here's the truth.  I'm not a super strict parent.  If we are having a yucky day or if I'm really worn out, sure, I'll let them play for hours and go on about my business.  But for the rest of the time, I try REALLY hard not to let their entire worlds revolve around electronics.  So, for today, the issue is that it's a lovely day and there really is no solid reason for them to sit there like zombies tuned out.  There just isn't!  I plan on getting out here in a few and doing some things myself now that I have finished the bills and have gotten the passwords moved.  I tried to bookmark things, but I believe the hubby has his tab hidden and I couldn't figure out how to turn it back on.  Of course, I say that then just found it!  UGH.  Oh well.  At least they are written down.  I have a few other things to do and then it is all done leaving nothing but the final payment on the condo which is due tomorrow.  But I will probably try to pay it here shortly so I don't forget.  I can be forgetful at times.  Especially when I have two children whining in my ear about wanting to play their games.  *insert crazy face emoticon HERE*

Anyways, I got up and weighed this AM at 178.  Which is fine since I FINALLY GOT MY DAMN PERIOD.  Thank you heavens above!  However, I must admit the thought of being prego again didn't terrify me quite as much as had previously thought that it would.  I didn't want my period to not be pregnant -- I wanted my period to hopefully be over it before the beach.  I was really shocked that I wasn't like, OMG.  But then again, not sure why I would be.  I mean, I'm a 34yr. old married woman with kids already so... yeah.  No real reason to freak out.  It would've just been a surprise.  It does make me wonder if we will eventually have another.  Simply because I did feel almost sad.  ALMOST.  lol 

I got a lot done yesterday.  I've gotten a lot done in the last week!  Leave it to me to kill myself the week that I should be doing other things to get those things done.  LOL  But at least they are.  And I feel less stressed today.  I actually felt really good all day yesterday, too.  Not sure what to do today.  I have odds and ends to tie up, but nothing major.  But I still want to do the majority of it because Tuesday will be pretty busy and I don't like to rush.  And tomorrow I have a few errands.  I'm attempting to break old habits and not be rushed at the last minute by starting to prepare in advance.  Now, this may bust in my face, but at least I've tried!  LOL  Another bonus is that if we are prepared and can get going on time, everything else is less stressed, too!  Win win.  LOL

Well, not much else going on so I guess I should get off of here and get to whatever it is I need to get done. Thankfully, it is a fairly short list.  And hopefully that means I can get outside to do what I really want to do which is finish cleaning out the flower beds.  I wish I had time to mulch them all before we left, but I don't think I will have that time.  Which is fine, really.  Because I'm betting when we power wash, it would make a mess anyways so we will save that for after.  But at least for now, my bushes are mostly under control!  Just got to clean up the clippings.  :)  Ok, off I go!


  1. Oh, video games. I told Chris our kids don't get to have any of that stuff until they are teenagers- or maybe until they move out of the house, lol. Some games are ok, but I'd rather they be engaging with the real world or reading than switching off to zombie land. I guess I never thought about it until I lived with my cousin and her kids. Those two were literally playing video games at all times, and it was not helping them one bit. Of course, she preferred them playing the games, so they weren't looking to her for attention. I know all parents don't just plop their kids in front of a tv or a DS like that, but it was interesting seeing the effect that it had on them. Especially the older one. Several years of private tutoring and counseling have him caught up now, but when they moved in with us he couldn't even read. He was like the perfect example of a kid who needed to be totally removed from electronics. Brain = fried.
    Do you think you guys will have more kids? Maybe throw some girls into the mix... :)

  2. Haha, I like how you want your kids to be a bit more pro-active and go outside & play. It could be a little hard with all the latest technology update & game installment! But I really do see your effort! :) And, I hope things will go well so you'll have some relaxing time at the beach! :) summer is coming! And lastly, I want to thank you for the advice you gave me. It really do help. I just stop stressing about everything and focus on each day. Thank you for your kind & insight ideas.


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