Saturday, July 26, 2014

Friday productions and confessions

It's Friday night and I'm sitting at home, all by my lonesome and bored.  BUT, it's been a good day.  First, I cut my nails off.  Yes, yes.  I realize that isn't a big deal, but it had to be done.  I had left them long for my SIL's wedding but decided to go ahead and cut them to get them ready to get some work done.  I always love how it feels right after cutting them.  I have long nails naturally and I like them long at times.  But sometimes they just get in the way and on my nerves.  Now I just have a hint of white at the end and it feels so good to actually feel the keys when I type.  LOL

Another thing is I knocked out a little project today that had been driving me crazy for a while now.  I FINALLY printed out the pics for the toy bins.  I had struggled for a bit over what to do exactly.  Mostly because I had wanted them to be easy but also good for kids.  So I decided to buy some labels a while back that I found on clearance that are reusable.  I had just never USED them.  So, I did that and found pics online of simple things like Play-Doh and trains and printed those out.  I knew if they just went on the front not only would they get messed up, but if we needed to re-arrange, it would be an issue.  So, I printed them out at 3.5x5.0 and put them in plain sandwich baggies that I taped on.  Here's the pics!

I'm really happy to be done with this project.  I made the kiddos clean up tonight, and they complained until they saw how easy it was.  My youngest even asked why other things had no label.  Guess I may do that just to see how he likes it.  LOL  Anyways, it concludes my phase 2 of 2 for this project.  I realize we may move, but at least it's all in place.  Love me some Ikea!

I didn't workout today.  I had a horrid time sleeping last night.  But I did go to bed and got some.  So, I spent today finishing up that project, I swept up some after the kiddos picked up, I did dishes and a couple of loads of laundry.  I even got the kiddos scrubbed!  I didn't get as much done as I would've liked, like taking off donations... but I remembered some pieces of things that are downstairs so I decided to wait a bit to take them off.  Maybe tomorrow or the day after... Probably Monday if I get a chance.  I hope.  HA!

Can I make a couple of confessions here, guys?  Can I?
#1 Well, a friend of mine and fellow blogger over at The Miscellaneous Mom commented that I seemed as if I was apologizing for needing space yesterday and I gotta say, I'm NOT sorry and I hope I wasn't confusing in my blog/rant.  I just knew that SOMEONE would get their panties in a knot.  And probably someone who doesn't know me all that well.  So, the plain truth is, I'm not sorry.  And I really shouldn't feel bad about not feeling sorry.  Drowning in things and feelings is a slippery slope and I don't want to fall into a depression.  So, I'm taking control and moving on.

#2  I'm terribly lonely.  UGH.  There, I said it.  I mean it.  I AM TERRIBLY LONELY.  *sigh*  I miss having a group of friends.  A tight knit and fun group.  I miss it.  I thought I was getting it back there for a bit but with this fall-out with the neighbor... my social life has once again come to a halt.  I'm not even sure why she is mad at me other than that I was offended by her narrow view.  But I vented, thought it over, vented some more and decided if that was how she wanted to feel, that was her beef.  Now she won't even let her kids play with mine.  At least that is how it feels.  But at this point, there is nothing I can do.  The ball is out of my court.  I've gotten over the issue and decided that if we ever talked, I would just tell her that I was upset and she hurt my feelings.  But I've ranted, vented, raved, and talked it over until I'm blue in the face only to come to the conclusion that she is right.... for her.  It's her opinion and view and she is entitled to it.  I do and can disagree.  It shouldn't stop us from being friends.  Or maybe it does.  I'm not sure.  Maybe it's just been too much now.  I don't know.  I just don't know how we went from full active lives to.... cricket chirps.

#3  I'm worried about money/moving/health a lot lately.  I think it's the thought of moving which may now be on hold... AGAIN!  Hubby is worried that with no experience with the title of Engineer, that he won't get hired on as one.  So... he applied for a 6mos. contract position to get the experience.  The bonus is it pays well.  But it's got me worried we are stuck here.  Stuck with the same ol' same ol'.  Not that life here is awful.  It isn't!  There are lots of good things like great parks, the lake, shopping, restaurants, lots of family stuff, etc.  We just don't seem to click with people here which sucks.  But on the bright side, a few more months isn't exactly out of the realm of what we thought might happen.  I knew I thought up to a year... I just hate the sickies.  I hate that the thought of moving makes me worry so much about money.  I hate the stress; even though I know this is all part of it.  I told the hubby today to apply.  To go for it.  And to trust that God will put us on the right path.  Faith that it will happen as it should.

#4  I don't want a giant house.  At one point, I thought I wanted a big huge house and a big huge yard.  But the reality is, those are just big huge things to take care of.  I do want bigger than what we are in now, but simply for storage.  My kitchen, now, is almost perfect, but a smidge bigger would give a bit more room for when we are all in there.  I'd like my own bathroom and to keep the walk-in closet so the bedroom wouldn't need much furniture.  I do NOT want a huge, cavernous bedroom.  Nor do I want huge bathrooms.  The only other thing we would like is a bit more storage in the kiddo's rooms and then a good outdoor storage area and garage.  I'd love a big garage!  So, where we were looking for bigger before, now I think we just want slightly bigger.  I use to think around 3k sqft. would be awesome, but now I think we don't need quite that much.  Just more to heat, cool, and clean!  I basically want a house like this with just a smidge more elbow room and better storage.  And a GARAGE.  A BIG ONE!  I swear I'm not a man!  HA!

I think that is all for tonight.  I'm ready to have some more tea and RELAX!  I think I have become a chai latte addict.  Thankfully after much searching, I found a decaf version.  It's not as good, but at least it's decaf and I'm not up for hours.  I think that is what happened last night.  That and the MFP forums.  LORD. HELP. ME.  Seriously.  I should not get on there too late at night!  G'night, friends!


  1. I feel your pain on being lonely. For me, it isn't that I don't click with people. I am very adaptable but I.don' I always feel like everyone has ulterior motives. Call me a doomsdayer or a conspiracy theorist or just a plain pessimist but I can't help feeling that way. Regardless, I know what it's like to wish that you could just have that group of people who understood you and you could be you and there was no cattiness or drama. I totally get it. I'm living it too. And awesome.sauce labels! I love the idea and might just use it. :) Happy weekend!!

  2. Wow, I love the picture labels. What a great idea. It's an excellent way to teach little ones how easy it is to organize things, and keep your items in their "spots" so that they are easy to find.
    Awww, sorry you are lonely. I really know how you feel. One of the major reasons why we are moving is that I can't seem to create much of a support group here. I tried meeting new people, and everything sort of flopped. Maybe I didn't put enough effort in, or the timing just wasn't right. I dunno. It's hard finding people that we click with the right way.
    I'm still worrying about the move, and money, and we are moving on Saturday. AHHH! Part of me is nervous, and sad to be leaving, and the other part is ready to be done, and move on. It's going to work out for both of us. Just have to let it be, and let life unfold.


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