Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quick Thinking

Yes, I just wrote a little bit ago.  But, as I was sitting here thinking after reading A Slob Comes Clean, I really, REALLY got to thinking.  The post was about letting go of things you don't absolutely need or love.  And it got me to thinking that for the most part, I really love the things I own.  They are old, but made well.  They feel good, homey, and loved.  I don't really worry about the kiddos or animals hurting them.  And the best part is, when we move or even if we stay and want to change the look, most of it would probably stay... with a face lift.  Because at some point, I realize I'm going to want a WHOLE new look.  I'm ready for it.  Lighter colors, lighter wood, brighter... not all light.. cause, that's not me.  But.. different.  Make sense?  And I guess that is a part of the excitement of a 'new start' or new place... that freshness and feeling of a clean slate.  However, it's also nice to know that there are still many pieces I wouldn't want to let go.  Pieces that remind me of childhood, my family, etc.  I'm so glad that most of them are in good shape and can be repurposed without having to just dump everything and start over.  I think that is why older furniture appeals to me. 

On that note, I may be getting rid of two chairs tomorrow and buying two chairs.  The two older chairs in my LR that I got FREE are wonderful and cool, but they are VERY low to the ground and make visits hard on my fam.  So, we had been discussing improving them or letting them go.  After pricing and looking around, we realized this was one investment we were willing to let go since recovering would be a minimum of $300.  EACH.  Yes, you read that right!  Brand spanking new ones are $500 OR LESS.  Ikea had some great ones around that same $300 mark.  So... it just didn't make sense to keep them.  Tomorrow, I'm going to look at a couple of used chairs for $100 for the pair.  Reason being, we want decent chairs until we move AND we will need to 'stage'.  I realize we will then have extra chairs once we move, but hey, we may not find or be able to afford anything new for a while once we get there!  So, I hope the chairs will be in decent shape and worth my time and effort.  We will see. 

Well, going to get off of here.  If tomorrow works out, I have to take off two chairs (and maybe this stool...) and pick up two.  It's late now, but hopefully I can catch some winks!

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