Friday, July 11, 2014

Cranky.... like the Crane

Yeah.  You know you have kids when your current blog title comes from a character from Thomas the Train.  UGH.  But it is EXACTLY how I feel today.  I'm guessing PMS.  Yup.  PMS is probably the evil culprit.  I have no patience, everyone is getting on my nerves, and I'm ready to just explode.  It's lovely!

No, the whole day hasn't been bad or anything.  I'm just... cranky.  And then I got into it with my Mom over politics.  And it was dumb.  She basically said that a business owner can say what they want and do what they want when it's what SHE wants it to be, but then when it goes the other way, then that is WRONG and everyone should BOYCOTT them until they go under.  To me, that is DUMB!  I mean, think of how many people work in these companies that have their own thoughts and feelings.  You stop going there so those people lose their jobs.  Then what?  The rich are already rich and the very folks that need to work are JOBLESS.  All this political BS gets on my nerves.  If you are going to fight for the rights of one and say it's in the name of Constitutional rights, it has to go both ways even if you don't believe it.  Because at the end of the day, it's suppose to be equal RIGHTS.  And not hey, let's punish others for feeling differently.  Burns my buns!


Chai Tea.  YES.  SO MANY TIMES.  I had a chai tea latte yesterday with a friend and now I think I may be hooked. My only problem is, I got some at the store last night and I'll be damned if it isn't no where as good as the other two I've tried.  Big bummer.  One was from a local place and I have NO idea of the brand.  The other was Lipton, which shocked the crap out of me.  This one is Bigelow which isn't a brand I'm all that familiar with, but I got because it said the bags were foil lined to help keep them fresh.  No impressed.  The flavor is quite weak.  :/  And I mean WEAK.  I used two bags today thinking that would give it a boost, but NOPE.  I'm going to use them up anyways because I hate to waste stuff.  So, no biggie.  I just wish I liked it better.  And I think next time I will try decaf.  I need some decaf in my life because I drink enough caffeine.  AND I LIKE IT!  But I know it's a lot.  LOL 

Anyways, I started this blog last night and I'm not in a much better mood today.  I am TIRED.  But at least a few things have gone right.  I managed to snag a cat carrier for our move for only $10!  So, now we have two for the cats and one for the dogs (they typically ride free or share).  I am trying desperately hard to re-home at least ONE of the cats but so far, no luck.  It's sort of driving me crazy.  4 cats are just too many.  I hate to part with any of them, but the house is over-run at this point and new homes must be found.  I know the boys may be upset, but even they have commented that 4 is too much.  If we just re-home one, that would help a lot.  The other may have to be declawed if she stays.  She refuses to let me clip her nails while the other two lie there like pillows and don't fight at all. 

Another thing is that I was able to finally get that tow attachment box!  A guy had the super nice $800 one for $250 and I snatched it up!  SO HAPPY!  It will make moving and travel sooooo much better and easier!

And lastly?  My hair.  Oh boy does it look good!  I love my stylist.  LOVE LOVE LOVE

UGH.  I guess I should TRY to get something done today instead of sitting here like I have been doing.  I wish I didn't feel like this right before my cycle.  I have too much to do and I've managed to do nothing. 

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  1. I LOVE Chai Tea Lattes too! Did you make it with water or milk or both? If you used milk what % did you use? Cows milk or other? All these things totally make a huge difference and of course the quality of the herbs makes a diff too :) Anywhoozle, e-mail me because I have something to chit chat with you about: (I can't find your dang e-mail -haha ) and it might help take your mind off your cranky :)


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