Friday, July 4, 2014


I am feeling rather grumpy tonight and just about ready to stop talking to people in general.  Why is it that when you try to explain things to people, instead of just being like oh, ok.  They get their panties in a wad?  Prime example.  A person on my friends list on FB posted this STUPID share about how instead of ingesting all of these *GASP!* chemicals that come in the form of flavored creamers, you should make your own!  Buy your own sweetened condensed milk, add cream, and then use any Torani flavored syrup of your choice and TADA!  Only 3 ingredients!  WRONG.  Sweetened condensed milk is already two: milk and sugar!  Unless you get a low fat version then there is milk, nonfat milk, sugar, and Vitamin A Palmitate.  Cream is usually cream, but sometimes there is water.  Then Torani.... OMG.  Just as many chemicals as the freakin' pre-flavored creamer!  Just plain vanilla has: pure cane sugar, water, vanilla extract with other natural flavors, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness), citric acid.  And that's for plain vanilla!  No accounting for the sugar free ones or more complicated flavors.  *GRUMBLE*  So, I wrote that.  Nothing as long and as harpy as that.  I literally wrote, "*sigh* I hate this stuff. It's NOT just 3 'ingredients'! Torani syrups contain their own list of ingredients and if you entered THOSE, your list would be the same length. If you don't want 'chemicals', then use plain organic cream."  That was ALL I said.  And yet, I got the whole if this bothers you then don't read what I post.  Well, SCREW YOU!  I was TRYING to open your eyes to the fact that the crap posted on the internet is, in fact, not always true!  It's garbage and fear mongering and put out there to make you look STUPID for not thinking with two brain cells!  UGH.  FB is not a good place to be when you are grumpy.

Yes, I'm grumpy.  I've up and beyond grumpy.  I'm in a downright bad mood and I have no idea how to shake said bad mood.  The ENTIRE DAY was shit.  Every little thing that could go wrong, did.  I was up late finishing a book, but I've done that plenty and been fine.  So, not sure what today was about.  Everything was just out of alignment and I was just out of whack.  My food was bad along with my attitude and I just don't care.  

All in all, this has just been a shitty day and I'm not sure what to do over the next few days.  I have SO much to do but instead of buckling down and getting it done, I keep feeling like I'm put on hold.  Things keep coming up like the holiday stuff, weddings, etc.  All things I knew about, but hubby goes and gets in a tizzy and has got me all worried when before, I just felt like we were moving along and doing our thing.  And then he doesn't want to talk and it makes me a mess trying to figure out where to go and what to do.  To top that off, the lack of sleep and etc... I'm really feeling bummed out tonight and not one bit sure how I will get sleep.  And after being SO excited about our 4th cookout... no one is coming.  No one.  Found out that one neighbor has gone out of town and told NO ONE.  Which would be no big deal except ya know... if something were to happen at their house, we had no idea.  Another neighbor, whom I thought had said a big yes, isn't coming and hubby said he knew but forgot to tell me.  Bro and his 'fiance' can't because... well, she is afraid of cars.  I feel for her.  It's a hard fear to overcome.  Mom is having the same issue as I am, so she is worn out.  All in all, I feel pooped, pooped on, and sad.  I know everyone has days like these.  I just hate them.  They seem to fall at the worst times.  Times when I already feel as if my own morale is low.  

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.  I'm thinking of canceling off this weekend period.  We could take a few days to work on a few things and then have our 'celebration' another night.  I just don't feel celebratory. But maybe in a few days everyone's heads will be a bit lighter and not dragging the ground so.  That's how it feels.  Like lead in your head and a tired heart.  

Bah.  This too, shall pass.


  1. UGH! I saw that exact same Meme on FB and it pissed me off. There are so many like it that try to pass off as 'natural' or 'chemical free' and it's a load of BS. Then when you try to tell the person (for their own reputations sake on social media) they totally backhand you like it offends them that you are questioning some random ass photo they didn't even make. Screw that and screw the people who need to be bitchy about something that you were just trying to help with.
    Anyway, I am sorry about your celebration. Some family backed out of our BBQ also so instead of 20+ we will have the normal 10ish who go to every Tuesday/Friday family dinner. Oh well. Such is life. I hope tomorrow regardless of circumstances you wake up with a positive attitude and a better frame of mind. ((hugs))

  2. Oh, man. Sorry you were having such a shitty day, but I giggled a little when I was reading about the home made creamer. I saw the same post (my brother's wife posted it), and it cracked me up. There are literally just as many bizarre components in the flavoring, as in the pre made creamer- which is exactly what you were saying. I chose not to comment though, because GIRL it just isn't worth it. I've given up on facebook lately. All it does is fluster me, and make me get upset about dumb bullshit that shouldn't upset me anyway. I take a quick glance, check messages, and that's that. No more educating, informing, or blathering on about my opinions. Nobody changes their mind or feels differently in the end anyway. I also knew that my brother's wife would never make her own creamer anyway- nor does she make or try most of the other crap she posts.


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