Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I'm feeling so swollen today!  But I weighed in anyways -- 178.5.  I'll take it with being swollen!  WHY am I so swollen?  We finished up more yard work yesterday and we were outside for a few hours.  We literally worked until it was getting dark and then had to come in.  But it was a productive day.  I have one cabinet left in the kitchen to purge because I got almost all of the other packed up.  Then I started in the bedroom and packed up a lot of our Winter stuff.  I left some of it because it looks good for staging.  Plus... not terribly sure how long it will take to get moved!  I may need the long sleeves.  LOL  So, I packed up the true Winter sweaters and things, but left out the rest.  My closet already looks bigger!  ;)  I also got hubby to go through his job hunting clothes and decide what he wants packed.  I finished the mailbox to include stain -- just need to get it re-installed.  I hope it looks good installed!  AND, we got the big rocks in the garden moved along with all of the needles put down.  Good stuff I tell you!  BUSY BUSY.

You know, moving is a lot of hard work, but it's also somewhat rewarding packing up and purging.  I am not a hoarder, but I do tend to hold onto things because we have the space and I think, well, I may need that... so why not hold onto it for a bit?  With packing to move, it really makes you think about what you really love and need and allows you to let go of it a lot easier.  I really have purged a whole ton of stuff and I have more to go.  But at least the living room, dining room, and kitchen are done.  Well, except for one cabinet!  LOL  And I've started on the bedroom.  Nothing to be done in the bathroom and I'm leaving the utility closet for now.  The rooms that will be hard will be the playroom and my oldest's bedroom.  Definitely a hoarder.  LOL  Things have gotten better over time with that whole growing up thing, but still.  Stuff is held onto that really should be thrown away.  However, I purged their bedrooms not long ago so I don't think it will be too awful.  But there ARE a lot of things that they don't play with that I plan to sell or donate.  Just no reason to keep holding onto it and let it take up so much space.  Plus, who wants to move stuff they don't use?

Anyways, I'm doing horrid on tracking food the last few days.  With trying to switch back to the new pute and whatnot, I've not been putting it in MFP.  I've just been eating the way I do when I am tracking.  Keeping meals at 400 and snacks at 200.  I have been skipping dessert due to eating late, though.  I am doing great on staying busy!  LOL  Always so much to do.  ALWAYS.

Speaking of, I should get off of here and get to work.  I slept in due to a horrible case of insomnia last night.  Although, not as late as it could be.  But I'm ok with around 6hrs. of sleep.  I'll live.  LOL  Ok, off I go to get to work!


  1. Sounds like you have been super productive lately :D Good luck with everything!

  2. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I read yours every time you write. I just haven't been big on commenting but I am working on blogging and commenting more. :) And BTW I totally understand the 'non hoarder' but you hoard because 'I might need that'... feelings. I just got rid of 3 black trash bags full of 'stuff that I might have needed' and though I am sure I will need all of it soon (haha) it felt so good to send those bags away to the Goodwill!!


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