Friday, July 25, 2014

Weather Worries

I'm taking a little break from the cleaning and packing to write this little blog and check weather.  Mostly because, one minute it is gorgeous and sunny out and the next the storms are about to blow the house away!

AND, just got back home.  I started that then the weather broke and I was like, I'm going to get my tail to the donation center and get rid of this JUNK!  But when I got there, they had closed -- probably because of the ding dang weather!  UGH.  I am so not a happy gal right now.  I have the back of my Flex FULL.  Which is a lot if you know anything about Flex's.  LOL  Anyways, so now I've had to put that off until tomorrow and I'm sitting here on the couch a bit grouchy and trying to decide what to do.  I'm a bit hungry, so I could have dinner.  I'm a bit antsy, so I could work out or pack/clean some more.  But it's getting kinda late in the day and I'm not sure I want to work out this late.  Although, I might sleep better if I did.  I haven't worked out this week at all.  I really should be.  But by the time I go up and down the steps a hundred times with he cleaning and packing, I'm a bit pooped to be honest.  And today, I have a headache to go along with it.  :/  Darn freaky weather!

I DID get up and weigh this AM.  178.5.  So, on a good trend.  But exercise would be even better.... food has been good and still trying to keep the ol' carbs down.  I had one high day cal and carb wise, but overall, I feel like I'm doing ok.  Just gotta have more good days than bad, ya know?  And for sure, the carbs are easier to watch when I'm not using them as fillers.  I've felt better, too.  I'm sad to say, I've had to cut back on the oatmeal, though.  I just seemed to be having some not so nice feelings about an hour and a half after I ate it.  I would feel weird and light headed.  Like my sugar dropped.  So, while I may still have some, I'm going to reduce the fruit and brown sugar.  I think that is more it than the oatmeal.  I didn't think I used a ton, but I could for sure cut back some.  Or just a smaller overall portion and then have eggs or something on the side.  I feel like I could be more productive if I felt better.  And I'm making progress!  Slowly but surely.

Decluttering, as you can tell from the donation center issue, is going pretty well.  I went through the huge box of toys from the living room AND my youngest kiddo's bedroom.  I threw away paper and torn manuals, and got rid of so many old cars and books meant for toddlers and other things like that.  They just don't play with them and I'm sick of cleaning them up.  Speaking of, I flipped my lid and passed some new 'laws of the land' up in here.  NO food or drinks EXCEPT at the island or table was the big one last time.  If they are thirsty, water is the only option available when not at the island or table.  Last night, I made the decision to take back my house. I'm covering that in a different blog, or this will be five miles long!  LOL  But I did do a major amount of decluttering and I'm ready to finish that room and move on to more.  Going on the warpath helped some with that!

Anyways, I did end up going back down and working out.  Only 25mins, but it's something!  I was already tired, but it did my body good to do it.  Probably more my brain than body.  Exercise is fun and relaxing, but also a habit.  A habit I am out of and I need to get it worked back in.  Slowly but surely.

I don't have much else to talk about other than the fact that I can't seem to make up my mind on what to paint my kitchen cabinets.  Originally, we said a creamy taupe but then went to white.  Then off white.  My original idea was soft gray... but somehow that got thrown off.  Then when we looked at colors, I brought it up so now we are tossing around the idea again.  With the furniture finish butcher block counters with glass accents (shelves and the island top), black appliances, and then two different glass backsplash tiles, I am afraid that that white, true white, will be too harsh.  I'm leaning towards a soft off white or the gray.  I really love the gray...  I guess I will have to look at it some more and go from there.  I need to trust my instinct, because I typically have really good taste.  And that isn't me tooting my own horn even if I do believe it!  I've been told I have an 'eye' for it.  I would never want to be a designer, but I enjoy decorating and doing fun things to my house.  I figure if it looks like crap, do it over again!  Especially when it's something like paint.  But cabinet paint is a bit tougher... so I want to take my time!  LOL

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