Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Broken Scale

I think my scale is broken.  I got on to weigh this AM and it gave me FOUR different numbers.  FOUR.  I'm not sure why... I think maybe it's going dead.  :(  I only weighed that many times because the first time I got on it said 179... then it rolled to 179.5.  I was like, huh?  Ok, I'll take it and then I was like, one more time.  Then it said 180.  Hubby was like, that's weird.  I said yeah and reset it then got on again and 181.5.  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?  I don't know what the issue was but I was like, I'll take the 179.5 or 180 and call it a day.  LOL  I'll try again tomorrow.  Just seems like it is being a weirdo today.  And I don't get that.  It's annoying!  I hope it isn't dying.  I hate buying a new scale.

On another note, yesterday was a very productive day despite waking up with a headache.  I finally took a boat load of meds and got it to lessen and I busted out a ton of painting.  I got ALL of the upper cabinets repaired and primed.  AND the fireplace downstairs!  All of them look great!  I need to do a light sanding and then put on two coats of real paint.  But already, the clean white looks so great.  I'm rethinking my soft grey/taupe... maybe just do white or a slight off white.  The others would be good for me, but maybe for resale purposes a simple white would be better.  But already with just one cabinet up, I can see how it is going to be a huge change.  I am so pleased with it!  I think with the repairs and paint, new backsplash and decluttering, it's just going to be amazing.  And the fireplace looks SOOOOO GOOOOD!  It's going to need sanding and final paint, too. But with just primer it looks fantastic.  All it needs after that is the tile and grout.  :D  Guess we will see how much we get done over the next few weeks. 

Did I mention our painter called and said he was VERY behind and it would be a while before he got to us?  Yeah.  He called yesterday to tell us that.  So, we have decided to postpone putting the house on the market.  *sigh*  It's for the best.  We need to knock out some more projects before we do it and the extra couple of weeks might help out.  It will depend on weather, how we feel, etc.  We had hoped to have it on by mid-July, but now that isn't going to happen.  Not sure what our new goal should be.  Maybe August 8th?  Hopefully the outside will be painted by then, I can get some yard stuff finished, and knock out a few of the inside projects.  And even if every thing isn't done, if the majority is, that would hopefully be enough to go ahead and list.  Guess we will see.

Well, hubby is up and running around.  I need to get going and do a few things and make my kiddo some cupcakes.  Birthday time!  :D  The time goes by so so so fast....


  1. Summer is probably when lots of contractors are busy. Sorry to hear about the delayed paint job

    Does the scale need a new battery? I'd be so annoyed if my scale was wrong.

    1. It's the rain. It's been raining her a LOT. And since it's exterior paint he is touching up to make it look 'sharp' for putting on the market, it just seems to be taking FOREVER. I really hope he can get to it next week, but this week is proving to be wet and weird, too. Like today is VERY overcast and feels like rain any minute. I got up and checked the scale this morning and it was fine. Not sure what the deal was yesterday! Just being a weirdo, I guess. If I have any more issues, I'm taking that sucker apart. LOL


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