Friday, August 29, 2014

Bright Side

Yesterday was a somewhat productive day.  It didn't feel like it until hubby asked what all I had done and he was like, WOW.  You've been really busy!  That's a lot!  It sure didn't feel that way at the time.  I just felt like I should've done MORE.  And I probably could if I wasn't on the pute so much.  But the reality is this is how I de-stress, track my food, and keep up with people.  I'm on here way less than I use to be, but I've accepted that an hour or so a day isn't so bad as long as it doesn't take over my life.  As long as it is positive and productive (blogging and tracking food) that is fine.  But I've been trying to not hang out online when I'm feeling bored or whatever.  I'm trying to take that time to sew, read, or work on other projects.  Mostly because, I feel like sometimes being online when you are bored or sad just makes the problem worse. 

Anyways, like I said, yesterday was pretty productive.  I managed to clean out the area under the stairs and took all of that to the storage unit.  I also repaired two boxes, repacked a box, and straightened the unit.  I had pulled it apart a few weeks ago when we realized we had accidentally packed oldest's lunch box.  So, it was nice to go in and get it straightened back out.  After that, we ran a few errands trying to find some more organizational solutions.  Sadly, I found NADA.  I even resorted to Dollar General and Dollar Tree.  Both of which usually have the smaller containers but there was NOTHING.  It's probably an off time of year to be buying that stuff, I guess.  I bet there are tons more in Spring.  So, we came home.  And I decided to gather up ALL the small containers in the house.  Most of them were in the bathroom and utility closet.  So, I changed them out!  Really, the slightly bigger ones and the large ones should've been used anyways in those areas so it worked out well.  I made some really good progress!  I realize I didn't get it ALL done, but progress is progress and I'm pleased with it.  I plan on doing more today in between doing laundry and picking up.  I also want to start on a new project and I may actually start that first. 

What is the new project?  Well, it's not really a new project.  More of a Phase 2.  That would be starting on the doors and drawers of the kitchen.  I do have a couple of projects I need to work on, too.  One is refinishing a dining indoor/outdoor set.  The other is the entrance sign to our community.  I realize that sign isn't my obligation, but it bugs me and I want to do it.  The paint is pretty cheap.  I plan on making the frame a dark brown, the background red, and the letters in cream.  The letters are actually a vinyl stick on.  I am going to paint the red on in two coats, place the vinyl, then top coat it all with spar urethane.  With the dining set, I am going to lightly steel wool the iron and then spray sealant on it.  All of the wood is going to be painted with an oil based paint that was leftover from the kitchen.  The table top is going to be made from some leftover tile.  Then I'm going to either keep it or re-list.  But these two aren't at the top of my list.  They need to be done fairly soon, but my main priority is going to be the kitchen doors and drawers.  I also need to clean all of the dang hinges.  They are NASTY.  I've wiped them off before, but never scrubbed them knowing that we would be taking them apart when we did the kitchen.  So, I need to soak all of them in some detergent and get them clean.  I may do the rails on the drawers, too.  I won't do as extensive of a clean, but a good wipe down is necessary, me thinks.  ;)

So, I have tons to do.  On TOP of the organizing and regular cleaning.  I just need to get going and do ONE thing, ya know?  I think I will start laundry and organizing and then work downstairs/outside and then come back in.  I hate being dusty and then trying to do laundry.  Better to do that first.  lol 

Oh, and I forgot about the bright side of things... the neighbor finally = let the kids come over to play.  My kiddos were SO happy.  I was getting really annoyed/upset, so I was glad that they got to come over.  Oldest had said just that morning that he didn't understand why he couldn't see his friend anymore.  I tried to explain that the neighbor was upset with me for some unknown reason and that was why, but feelings were still hurt.  So, I'm glad they got to come over.

One last thing, no weight change.  As a matter-of-fact, my weight has gone back up.  :(  I'm not really sure why.  I know it bounces around some so I'm not TOO worried, but it is annoying since I waited a few days to accept it.  But it was only 1lb. and that could be anything from pure water weight to ovulation.  I know from looking at my reports from MFP, that I've been under my cal limit so I know it's not that.  And I've been super busy and running around, so I know I've been active.  No 'formal' exercise, but staying busy.  Lots of walking, less sitting, and just doing stuff. 

Speaking of, this entry is WAY longer than I meant for it to be, so it's time for me to get rolling on and get busy with my day.  Especially if I want to spread it out and not be so worn out tonight that I can't sew!  LOL  Off I go!

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  1. Geez, she wasn't letting her kids play with yours? Nut job. Well, maybe she's letting it go, and realizing how silly it was. That's a good sign.
    I wanna see the table when you are done with it!


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