Sunday, September 28, 2014


My kids are driving me bonkers today.  Yesterday, they were being a pain but thankfully ended up going over to a friend's house to play which was AWESOME.  It gave me a nice little break that I used to try to get my energy back up by resting.  And apparently overloading my brain by worrying about our move. 

I think we are going to give up on moving this year.  I just don't know how we are going to accomplish it.  Our debt is low, but we still have some that we are working on paying off.  We have some savings, but not a lot because we've been putting all of our money into paying off debt and finishing projects.  Hubby has still not found any work and we are heading into 4mos.  So at this point, I am thinking we are better off just letting it go for this year and getting some other things accomplished.  It's a hard thing to type.  It's a hard thing to say.  Hubby is miserable and the kids keep asking, but I don't know what else to say.  I just don't see it happening.  Winter is coming and there are no job prospects.  Things just aren't lining up so... I guess it's time to be practical and just accept that it's not going to happen this year and make plans for next year.  I am going to tweak our budget for this year even more and see what we can do.  Since most of our debt is gone, I would like to focus on paying off the rest and then building up a really good savings.  I think I want to open another account to use.  I was thinking of opening up a savings account for the boys and a separate savings for strictly moving expenses.  That way we have our own savings for emergencies that we can access and then a separate account that we can't.  Not easily, anyways.  LOL  Not that we really need that.  At least I don't think we do.  We never have before.  But it would be less tempting.  LOL

We already have one savings with our regular bank and a small savings with the credit union.  I could open a savings account somewhere else and that is a consideration since we are thinking of moving.  I'd really like to continue to do business with a credit union.  I just prefer them to regular banks.  Especially now that we have tried both.  We have the option of going back to our old credit union, I think, and that is fine.  I just want to try to keep everything neat and orderly.  At one point, I would have been against having accounts in several places, but now I realize that if your money is a bit spread out, if something happens it's a bit safer.  So, if you have a bank account at one place and their security is compromised, at least every penny you have isn't only in that one account.  Know what I mean?  That use to never be a consideration for me before, but it is now.  I use to think it was better to have all of your money in one place so that you had quick and easy access.  Not so much now.  Now I worry about ease of access, protection, and rates.  LOL  I'm going to do a bit more research and go from there.  But I'm thinking it's time to spread things out a bit more and take this time to really work on a new plan.  If we can't move, we can at least move forward!

I do feel a bit bummed.  I'm not sure how else we could feel, ya know?  It just is what it is and there's not much to be done.  But I do know that after talking it over, I just don't know what else we can do.  Even if we wait another year, I'm not sure how it will work out.  Our biggest issue is that we can't rent.  We've looked.  It's just like NO ONE will rent to you with 4 cats and 2 dogs.  We've tried to re-home one dog and 2 of the cats thinking that would help, but in our area no one is really taking pets.  And honestly, we don't want to get rid of them.  We just don't have any idea what else to do.  So, we can't rent here.  Which leaves us in a bind if we sell our house.  Then we looked in PCB to see if we could rent there and that was pretty much no go.  So, if the house sells, we have no where to go.  The only option is to buy another house.  If we buy another house, though, and this one doesn't sell, then we are stuck paying TWO mortgages.  Just the thought of that makes me CRINGE.  That's the main reason we are thinking we should put it off.  Although, we have found townhouse, trailers, and manufactured homes fairly cheap down there.  The thought of buying a townhouse really appeals to me because we could live it in short or long term.  We could live there while we remodel a new house if we buy one.  THEN, we could either remodel it and sell or lightly upgrade and rent it out.  If we could get one around 100k, then it would leave us in a good space if we ended up with TWO mortgages.  Because the payment on a loan like that wouldn't be too bad at all.  The more I think on it, the more I like it.  And writing it out is making it even MORE appealing.  Hmmm.....

Feeling a bit less bummed currently.  Feeling a bit optimistic!  Feeling like we can do this!  :D

Feeling tired!  HA!  I was so worked up last night I had a hard time sleeping.  Maybe if I would've blogged about this last night, I would've been in a better frame of mind.  I would've seen the numbers/facts a bit clearer instead of worrying myself into a snit.  Granted, there was some other drama with my parents last night so that didn't help.  Nothing on my end, but I heard everything and well, it freaked me out.  My Mom and I were on the phone and someone pulled up in their driveway.  They live out in the country on and old farm, so they don't get much company.  They do get it randomly, but they know all the cars.  Anyways, Mom has her own kind of security thing and when she noticed it, she went to the door.  A van was parked there and a woman was standing there with a flashlight.  She asked her if she could help her and she said that she was waiting on her friend from the house next door.  Well, the house next door is empty because it was my Granny's.  She passed a few years back and almost everything in it has been donated or thrown away.  AND, the floor is falling through, etc.  So, when she said that, my Mom immediately told her that was their property and anyone on it better leave.  The girl said no so I heard Mom tell my Dad to get the gun.  Now, my Dad is a crack shot.  But he would never shoot someone without cause.  I yelled for my Mom to call the cops but then heard screaming and the line went dead.  Scared the absolute SHIT out of me.  I called 911 to get transferred twice!  Eventually got through and told them and they sent someone, thank goodness.  What I missed was my Dad stepping out on the porch with his gun in hand at his side and telling her that the cops were on their way and to stand still.  Chick jumped in her van and took off.  My Dad noticed two other young men in the van.  I'm just glad they left.  The cops came just a few minutes later and searched stem to stern and then promised to patrol.  My parents said they were very nice, very thorough, and indeed later that night she saw him come through and spotlight.  I know a lot of bad has been spread in the news about cops, but the reality is that most are good guys doing their jobs.  And it's a hard job.  A scary job.  And I appreciate what they do.

Anyways, the going consensus is that the people scoped out the house the day before.  The woman made a comment to my Mom about the little house behind the house and well, that's a storage building.  It DOES look like a little house -- my grandparents designed it years ago as a miniature of theirs.  It's cute!  But it's not a real house.  And anyone who really walked up to it would see that.  But walking around in the dark you wouldn't notice.  My parents were here the night before and they rarely do that.  So, we think they drove by that night, maybe even knocked on the door.  Realized that the main car wasn't there and that the other house was empty and decided to target it for the next night thinking they were gone for the weekend or something.  I bet they were surprised to see someone home!  I just hope that the police cruise it for a while just to be safe.  I almost wish my parents would have that house torn down.  It is in HORRIBLE shape and looking abandoned, I'm not sure this won't happen again.  My worry isn't for the house -- it's empty and falling down.  My worry is that once they don't find what they are looking for there they will go to my parents house.  And if they come in, they won't like how they go out!

But... I'm feeling better now and I should probably get off of here and do something else for a bit.  What, I'm not sure.  Just something besides sitting on the pute.  I'd rather read!  I would like to work on the cabinet doors, but it's looking like rain.  UGH.  Maybe this week some time.  Off I go for now!

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  1. We had a hard enough time finding places that will rent to people with one cat, and one dog. Six pets is likely impossible! Usually the cut off is three, and it's still a chore finding a variety of places to look at.
    I understand it though. So many pet owners are careless, and I've been with my dad long ago when he was gutting out houses/ apartments where the owners had lots of animals that peed all over the house. So. Gross. My grandmother used to own a lot of houses that she rented, and my dad ended up cleaning them out pretty frequently when the tenants would change. The worst two were places that she rented to family members. Figures, right? My one cousin had five cats and two dogs, and damned if that place wasn't trashed by the time she moved out. Eeew.
    Sorry that you aren't able to move as soon as you wanted. The "pre moving" stage is very stressful. It's seriously like being in limbo. You wonder how everything will go, and how much things will cost, and work, and the neighborhood, and blah blah blah. We took a wild chance and moved here before Chris even had work- figuring that several months worth of expenses saved up would be enough. Thank God our gamble turned out!
    Holy crud, the screaming and hanging up thing would have scared the shit out of me. Glad everything was alright.


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