Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ucky Weather

The weather has been yucky the last couple of days.  Which blows because... I had outdoor crap I had wanted to finish.  And now I can't really do that with it raining.  *sigh*  Always something.  Granted, it isn't major but I had really wanted to go ahead and get some more clean-up done.  We've pretty much decided to finish up any projects that are functional and leave everything else.  So, what I've been focusing on is the random stuff.  Like, I purged the shed the other day.  I can't remember if I mentioned that.  But I did.  I went through almost everything in there except one bin and purged like crazy.  The pile by the curb for the weekend was LARGE.  Then I went around the yard picking up toys, random bits of wood, and anything else that was broken, no longer used, or just not wanted.  As the trash/recycling ran today, they were VERY VERY FULL.  Some soul stopped by and got the vast majority of crap by the curb over the weekend.  The only poor thing not to be given a second chance at life was a spreader.  The wheel broke and well... I just decided not to try to save it since we didn't really use it.  But seriously, I cleared up a whole pile of random wood.  It was fun cutting it all down into trash bin pieces with the circular saw.  I love that our trash company will take it as long as it fits in the bin!  And I love they do recycling.  Between recycling and our compost bin and trying not to buy stuff with tons of packaging, we don't have much trash at all.  So, I got a good amount of old construction debris put in there.  I still have one more pile.  I am going to slowly work my way through that as we determine what we really need and what we don't.  And with the shed being all neat and clean, it makes it much easier to get in and out.  I still have a few things in there that will be used up over the next couple of weeks, but all in all, it's good.  I even used an old bag of potting soil to fill in some holes.  The biggest change was just getting rid of some toys they don't use any more.  There is one more in there that probably won't go with us, but for right this second, they still like to play with it even if they are really too big for it.  I also have their trash can full of toys to go through.  I think I'll end up getting rid of most of that including the can it is in because it is broken.

BUT, I can't do anything outdoors with it raining.  UGH.  I had really wanted to sort that can of toys today and go run a few errands.  Nothing major.  But stuff I don't like to do when it is raining like it is.  I HATE picking up outdoor stuff in the rain.  That is what I really needed to get.  Mostly just some block and some sand to finish up the two projects I really plan on finishing.  Oh!  And some gravel.  I needed to get some gravel to finish the back part.  And if I can find some border pieces, those, too.  Probably around $250 worth of stuff.  UGH.  But I wasn't going to get it all today simply because we have several returns to do so we might as well do those and use the credit to get it.  Anyways, I am just bummed I can't do it today.  Hmmm... just checked weather and it said it is suppose to be good tomorrow and Thursday.  Maybe I SHOULD go run errands today so that I have everything here for the next couple of days... Well, not everything.  But at least the things I need for a couple of the projects.  Going to think on that for a few then decide.

On another bright note, I weighed in at 172 flat today.  I'm pretty pleased with that and hope to keep that ball rolling.  I feel like I've been in a good place with that lately.  I just want to keep it going and stay on a good path.  I know I ranted about the ol' FB feed the other day.  I've just been removing that negative crap from it.  Or turning off notifications.  And as I said, I haven't commented.  I even went back and deleted a comment I said on one person's.  It just said, "Oh, for crying out loud..."  So, I deleted it.  Why?  Well, I guess it took me a while to get to where I'm at and even though I've tried to help them when they've asked, they have to travel their on path.  I just wish, though, that I would've known back then what I know now.  I probably wouldn't have gained so much weight.  Heck, maybe I could've helped my family; even though I doubt it.  But at least maybe I would've hit my realization earlier.  Who knows.  Maybe not.  I'm a stubborn woman!

I guess this is about all for now other than the relocation.  Didi commented that she thought we were going for Tampa so wanted to clear that up real quick.  We did talk about Tampa for quite a while, but since about May, first of June, it's been Panama City/Panama City Beach.  We went there on vacay and just loved it.  We have talked about a temporary transfer to Tampa just to get us down there, but we're not really keen on that since we believe it would be harder on the kiddos.  If we had to, we would, but it's sort of last resort.  So far, hubby still has had no luck in the job market.  And honestly, we knew it but it's been a bummer.  His particular field is in high demand, but it just seems like it is dragging.  It's been 4mos and not one single bite.  It's frustrating but at the same time, we gave ourselves a year.  We're working on getting down there, but there is only so much we can do.  So, we will see.

Now that is it.  LOL  Until later!

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  1. I love getting rid of things, and I especially love putting things on the curb, and having other people take them away. Most of the time I never even have to go to Goodwill, because kind people strip the curb of all the free treasures that I leave. It's liberating to purge.
    We got rid of tons of things before moving down here. Some things I wanted to keep, but we could only fit so much in the moving van, and it was time to let go. I was the most bummed about leaving a couple of large plants on the curb, but after only ten or fifteen minutes a super excited couple pulled over to see if they were up for grabs. The lady was so excited and happy about the big pretty plants that I didn't feel bad about having to leave them behind anymore.


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